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Me...In a few words

From the South of France, to New York, and now Singapore.

From a hotelier to an entrepreneur, and now a digital mentor.

From challenges to solving problems.


I am happiest with a camera in my hand, capturing those everyday details. I love to capture life in my frames.


For someone who has been working in the travel industry for so many years, I must admit - I have a fear of flying. But it has never stopped me. I have grown stronger each time, knowing I am challenging myself. Freedom lies on the other side of fear!

Dancing and latin music

I used to teach salsa and I am crazy about Latin music. It is a dream come true each time I travel to South America. There is Latin music everywhere! Lipstick and my dancing shoes, here I dance!


I am a foodie! It started with my grandmother who was an amazing cook, now my husband, and I am not bad myself. I could wake up and have guacamole every day.


"Go where you feel the most alive." Travel has always been a part of me and it has shaped the person I am today. I have made many compromises in my life but travel was never one of them.


"Love is all you need." And love can come in different ways. I am the happiest person because I am grateful every day. My husband is everything to me. He inspires me every day to become the best version of myself.


It has been the best decision I have taken this past year and my dream is to be able to do a headstand...getting there. It is all about the process, isn't it?


Some people have asked me how I relax and reset. "Britain's got talent" — It has been part of my journey as an entrepreneur and I laugh, I cry and I feel like I can move mountains after watching ordinary people with extraordinary talents.

Travel is something I cannot live without. It is the only way to grow, to step out of my comfort zone, to form my own opinion about things. Travel is where I can be myself and look in-depth into my life, where I can explore endless possibilities and know that everything is possible.

Some of my favorite places

  • Why such a name for a company?

    Them You and Me

    Because I believe in connections and the importance of the human touch in everything I do. Even in business, we are all human. Connections are what make us stronger and we are all connected in some amazing way. I started my entrepreneurial journey alone but I surrounded myself with an awesome team along the way. Let's be silly, laugh a lot and do amazing work together. This is how I roll!

  • The story behind

    the hummingbird

    The hummingbird is small, but fearless. It has been my underlying inspiration and resonates deeply with the vision of Them You & Me. It symbolizes hope, wisdom, courage, flexibility, adaptability and unwavering determination. I have witnessed stories of hope, wisdom and courage that have encouraged me to become more flexible, adaptable and determined in my efforts. Just as the spirit of the hummingbird embodies Them You & Me, I work with you to accomplish and celebrate your victories, both big and small.

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