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10 key elements of an ‘about’ page

When it comes to your website, the ‘About’ page is an important page. It is one of the most visited pages as well. This is the page that tells people who you are, and why you do what you do. It is what makes your brand more ‘human’, helping to build trust and forge a connection way beyond what you sell.

When your website visitors want to learn more about you and your business, they will click on your ‘About’ link. It is, therefore, a good idea to put some thought, effort and even creativity into the various elements on this page.

In a previous post, we outlined the key elements of a website homepage. Similarly, this article will tell you what you can include on your ‘About’ page.

1. Your brand story 

Your brand story is unique to your product or service, and your experiences. In fact, your brand name offers a story of its own. When talking about who you are on your ‘About’ page, you can include:

– how you started your business

– your purpose

– the significance of your brand name

– what makes your brand unique

– the ideology behind your brand

– why customers should choose you

2. Your product or service

What are you offering – and for whom? When you have a product or service that was designed to solve your customer’s pain point, share this on your ‘About’ page. This will impart meaning to your product or service and help website visitors connect with it. 

You could add a teaser section for them to know more about your services, without them having to wonder what you do, and keep all the details for the services page.

3. Your unique value proposition

Highlight why your product or service is different from others and why your audience should care about it. It helps to identify your value proposition at the time you start your business. 

4. Mission and value statement

This will define your business’s ‘why’. People are drawn to similar values and they connect with you when they know about your mission, your vision and what makes you, you. 

5. Team

People love seeing the face or team behind a brand. When a company hires your services, they would like to see who they will be working with – a picture brings out the personality of the brand and the team behind it. You can be creative with avatars too!

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6. Giving back philosophy

In a world that is growing increasingly conscious of the planet, of the less privileged and unfortunate, there are many who would like to help – directly, or through others who have already carved a pathway to support worthwhile causes. If you have a giving back philosophy and are doing something, say, for instance, contributing a percentage of your revenue towards a cause, then it encourages your customers to buy from you because they feel as if they are contributing too. 

7. CTAs and social media icons

Where would you like to lead your audience? Choose effective, relevant CTAs, based on your answer. For instance, you don’t always have to direct your website visitors only to your product page. You could lead them to your Instagram page for a lead-generation strategy that begins with brand awareness or to the blog section.

Your CTAs can encourage your visitors to:

– Read your blog

– Visit your product/service page

– Sign up for the newsletter

– Follow your social media accounts

– Download an eBook

Whatever your goal, make sure your CTAs are persuasive. 

Adding your social media handles on your ‘About’ page gives your visitors the possibility of interacting with your brand on the platform they are most comfortable with. Whether they are on your website or social media pages, they will eventually learn more about you and your offerings. 

8. Share what’s happening behind the scenes

Customers love a peek behind the scenes, so you can add text or images to allow them a glimpse of the workings of your brand. This can also serve as an effective marketing tool.

9. Company location

Most customers like to know where your business is based. If you own a physical store, it especially helps build trust with the people who live in that area. You can include an embedded map of your location and also provide other contact details. Or, share a meeting link for them to be able to make an appointment easily.

10. Testimonials or case studies

Social proof is necessary for people to get an idea about how people receive your product or service. Well placed testimonials and case studies act as recommendations and help inculcate a feeling of trust which makes potential customers more ready to buy from you.

There is no fixed formula that you can apply for an effective ‘About’ page. However, these key elements can certainly bring more power to your page and help you connect in a more meaningful way with your audiences. And be creative! Your personality should shine through…

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