Artificial Intelligence for the hotel industry

Among all the things that drive us here at Them You & Me, artificial intelligence for the hotel industry is one of them.

We’re passionate about the latest technological trends, IoT, and the constantly evolving digital landscape.

Before founding Them You & Me, a company that specializes in guiding business owners through their digital transformation, I worked for over a decade in the luxury travel and hotel industry. And this is where my two, equally inspiring worlds meet. Them You & Me is proud to announce its partnership with The Colossal Factory, a company focused on delivering quality digital solutions as well as a superlative guest experience through their newly introduced Artificial Intelligence for the hotel industry.

About The Colossal Factory

The Colossal Factory was founded by Daniel Doppler and Benjamin Devisme, pioneers of the Internet in France, as mentioned by the magazine l’Expansion. Passionately invested in digital transformation, the company offers its digital services and tools to the travel and tourism sector to empower hoteliers with a winning digital strategy. They have now announced the addition of AI to their digital arsenal in the form of Quicktext, an instant communication platform.

What is Quicktext

Artificial Intelligence offers innovative solutions for the hotel industry, and Quicktext is one such. This is a 24/7  communication tool that is transforming guest experience. Branded ‘Zoe’, Quicktext enables guests to communicate instantly and effectively 24/7, providing a superlative guest experience and helping hoteliers improve customer relations and control direct sales.

Why it works

Zoe integrates seamlessly with the existing Quicktext hybrid platform offering multiple deep applications such as an instant messaging channel manager, automation tools, usage statistics and multi-language capabilities. This integration enables multiple functionalities namely answering pre-stay questions, offering real time booking capabilities using IM channels, contextual reminders, upsell of additional services like the airport shuttle, restaurant reservations and much more.

Quicktext places hotels on an ever-ready-to-serve platform for its guests through every stage of their travel lifecycle, right from planning a stay to booking accommodation to the hotel experience to remembering the visit. Benjamin Devisme, The Colossal Factory evangelist, comments that “Quicktext pushes the envelope even further in terms of guest acquisition, engagement and loyalty to improve hotel total revenue per available room.” It is a hybrid and scalable solution to enhance guest engagement.


Zoe, a smart AI powered chatbot for the hotel industry, was the result of a comprehensive R&D project that analyzed over 15,000 conversations between hotels and their guests. It was deployed on Microsoft AI technology and tested using Availpro, the leading European hotel booking solution software.

Zoe is available 24/7 to answer any questions from guests. It has the ability to recognize when it cannot engage properly with a guest and can switch to human assistance. In case of spotty Internet connections, Quicktext moves the conversation to a different available channel such as SMS in order to keep communication uninterrupted.

The AI advantage

Financially self-sustaining, Quicktext offers a huge competitive advantage by boosting the efficiency of all hotel services and guaranteeing a quick turnaround time to value. Daniel Doppler, CEO of The Colossal Factory says, “After deploying the first version of Quicktext in hundreds of European hotels last year, we went back to work, invested in R&D and set the bar high to deliver the most evolved and unique AI solution available on the market today. We are proud to help hotels take back control of their guest relationship and increase direct bookings.”

Zoe is multilingual, speaking English, French, Italian and Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch with ease. Soon, German, Czech, Chinese and Russian will be added to this already impressive list.

Visit the company website to learn more about artificial intelligence for the hotel industry:

If you’re keen to know more about Quicktext, an AI-powered 24/7 communication toolbox for the hotel industry, please contact me at or call on +65 81621336.

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