Why I choose imperfection

Even if everywhere around us we see this perfect and polished life, fancy wardrobe and breathtaking hotel, I choose the imperfect way.

I realized some time back that I was happy to be perfectly imperfect. I did not want to spend my life chasing the idea of perfection because I believe that it does not exist. For one simple reason — what is perfect to me will not be perfect to someone else. So there is no way I can ever please everybody. Even if I try and do everything right, this will never happen. Perfection is very subjective and it depends upon everyone’s references and interests in life.


Imperfection helped me switch my career, start something totally new, and start, just start, even when the odds weren’t great. I simply wanted to. I found a new passion and I wanted to give myself a chance to devote my full attention to it, driven by the curiosity to see where it could lead me.


I have always been led by my own definition of success, and this has helped me push my boundaries and challenged me to learn and look for answers. It has compelled me to step out of my comfort zone and risk feeling uncomfortable. If everything were established, I would not be looking for more. I would be content where I am but I believe that I wouldn’t have grown so much.


Imperfection has challenged me to be more authentic and to be me, with my strengths, my weaknesses, and my good and bad days. Mostly, it has helped me find my tribe; other people who are ok to be vulnerable and open themselves to me…people who have tried, failed, tried again and found themselves in the process.


When it comes to work, whatever it is — a new project or something new to learn, I have learned to focus on the moment and make things happen now. Life is short and there is no time to wait for next month or next year.

Done is better than perfect.

Sheryl Sandberg


Perfection is not the way to go. Our world is imperfect too; it has mistakes and this is challenging. But at the same time, how amazing! It pushes each and every one of us to make it better, to make a difference, to make people feel better, to be another’s voice and to empower others.


So the next time you think that you are not good enough, that you are not talented enough, that you don’t know enough, pause and take one step at a time. Just start, small, but start! Speak out, find your tribe — the people who will complete you and help you in the process. Because, if not today, then when?


Perfect doesn’t matter. Just be you. Dream your dreams, like what you like and stick to your gut feelings. Be 100 percent truly, deeply, strangely, passionately you.

Because you are enough.

Lisa Messenger

Imperfectly yours,



How perfectly imperfect are you? I would love to hear from you.

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