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20 company newsletter ideas to boost engagement

If you’re a business owner sending out regular newsletters, there may be times when you feel blocked for engaging content. Keeping your subscribers up to date and inspired is one thing. Encouraging a sense of involvement and community through them is another. So, it’s obvious that you feel the pressure to routinely deliver great newsletters. To help you through this dilemma, we’ve put together a few creative company newsletter ideas to keep your subscribers engaged and happy!

1. A personal introduction

As a business owner, you’ll need to regularly introduce yourself to your new subscribers. This is also a great way to remind your older subscribers of your presence. A personal note that talks about you, news of your company or of things to come can make for an engaging read.

2. Industry news

Providing up-to-date, relevant news about your industry will help your audience choose you as a trusted and valuable resource.

3. Forthcoming events

Do you host or attend industry-related events? If you do, your newsletter is a great place to announce the dates for such events, so that interested subscribers can block those dates.

4. Offers and promotions

You can reward your subscribers with being the first to know about offers or discounts that you have planned.

5. Helpful tips

As an industry leader, you are in a suitable position to provide handy tips and best practices to your audience. Helping them this way is always a great idea.

6. Your recent blog articles

You can share the links to your recent blog articles as a source of valuable information. This will also help you drive traffic to your website as well as reuse content.

7. Relevant articles

Apart from the articles on your blog, you can also share relevant and interesting articles from other sources to enhance the quality of your newsletter as a source of information.

8. Market analysis and reviews

This would provide useful insights into certain products or services that your audience may consider using.

9. Company updates

Keep your network well informed about everything your company accomplishes, changes, news, etc., to keep everyone in the loop.

10. Case studies

Problem-solving is always intriguing and allows people to learn and apply solutions to their own business problems. Also, customer success stories that revolve around your product or service and how customers are benefitting from it are also great to include.

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11. Human interest stories

Some personal stories around you or your team can help your audience connect with you on a deeper level.

12. FAQs

Newsletters are a great place to deal with questions that may arise around the business. Say for instance, about delivery and revised schedules for an eCommerce store during this time of the coronavirus.

13. Resources

In this busy world, people may not have the time to search for valuable resources. You could provide them a shortcut to relevant information through your newsletter, and save them a lot of time.

14. CSR

Let your network know what you are doing to support the causes that mean the most to you. Letting them be a part of those stories through their own purchases of your product or service can help highlight the impact they are making as well. 

15. Recommended reading

Share book titles that have helped you or have held meaning and that you think will benefit your audience.

16. Inspirational content

You could add the things that inspire you, or that you love, through pictures, videos, music, or stories.

17. Infographics

You can choose to share statistics for year-end sales, customer satisfaction ratings, and more in a visual way through interesting, informative infographics.

18. The lighter side

Adding jokes, fun images and quotes can represent the lighter side of your business, but ensure they are in keeping with your brand and audience.

19. Competitions and quizzes

This is a fun way to keep your audience engaged. You could ask for responses to be posted on social media or email. This way, you’d get a deeper insight into your loyal readers, and more traffic on your social media pages.

20. Your online presence

Ensure that you add links to your social media pages, your website and other locations of your online presence.

With these company newsletter ideas to help you, you can get to work and draft your newsletter! Remember, you don’t need to include everything on this list – just the ideas that resonate with you and your brand. And don’t forget to make sure your newsletter is long enough to be useful and short enough to engage.

The important thing to remember is that newsletters are a valuable digital marketing tool. They don’t just update your network and serve to keep in touch. Newsletters can also be used to motivate them to take specific actions that benefit both you and your audience. Here’s why digital marketing is important for business success.

Do you have any other company newsletter ideas that you would like to share with us? We’d love to hear from you!

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