How content marketing and SEO can boost your website traffic

The recipe for a successful digital marketing strategy contains 2 key ingredients – content marketing and SEO.

A symbiotic relationship between the two can only mean good news for your website in terms of boosting its traffic. Here’s how you can empower your website with a win-win alignment of these 2 important elements.

Knowing your content from your SEO

The underlying objective of content marketing is creating content that is attractive and informative. It should engage customers on your website. So, choose a medium that works best for you – blogs, articles, videos, infographics, and podcasts. Create powerful and meaningful content and has your customers coming back for more. Find out more on how to create a consistent content strategy.

SEO or search engine optimization is precise and technical in its outlook. Because, SEO utilizes a series of techniques to boost the search visibility of a website and improve its ranking. These include creating a mobile-friendly website, optimizing title tags and meta tags, using keywords to inform content, creating backlinks for generating inbound traffic and more. Read our article on how to SEO-optimize your content to explore this in greater detail.

Forging a successful alliance between content and SEO

1 – Content as the backbone of creating backlinks for SEO

An impactful SEO strategy relies on link building. Indeed, the stronger the number of trusted backlinks (incoming links to a website) the better the ranking of your site on search engines including Google. The key to creating impactful backlinks is creating powerful content that can be used by other sites to link back to your sites.

2 – Using content effectively to fulfil SEO strategy

Keywords are important words and phrases present on your website and its content. And, they allow access to your website through search engines. Thus, they are vital to a successful SEO strategy. Although keyword strategy differs from website to website, businesses make online searches easier by using keywords and keyword groupings throughout title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs. Use your keywords effectively to also create an effective content strategy and SEO optimization for landing pages and blogs.

3 – Constant work in progress

The need of the “Google” hour is fresh content. Thus, both content marketing and SEO need to be constantly reinvented and this requires relentless effort. The more updated your pages are, the more you benefit from good visibility and good rankings. A key factor is also regularly churning content that captivates your audience and keeps them coming back for more.

It can be concluded that content marketing and SEO complement each other. And, the success of one depends on the effective implementation of the other.

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