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15 fun things to do on the Internet during the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus crisis sent us all to our homes and kept us there. Most of us are still stuck indoors, barring the occasional, unavoidable grocery run. So, what do you do with seemingly endless hours inside your four walls? There’s only so much time you can spend learning a new language or baking bread before your enthusiasm runs dry. Sure, being productive this way is awesome, but you can also find ways to unleash your artistic side. Especially during your heroic effort to save the world by staying put on your couch.

When you have the mighty Internet at your disposal, being a part-time couch potato can actually take you places. All thanks to technology! Of course, if you’re lagging a little behind the technology train, now might be a good time to learn how to become more tech savvy, especially if you’re a business owner.

But for now, here are a few fun things to do on the Internet that will not just keep you entertained, but also bring out your creative streak!

1. Chat with Cleverbot

There’s a good chance you’re craving human interaction in this time of social distancing. But fret not! There’s always artificial intelligence to keep you engaged in interesting, funny – sometimes strange conversations! Chat with Cleverbot. This is your chance to enjoy AI before the machines take over.

2. Read online comics

There’s nothing like joy in bite sizes, and comics will give you just that. The Awkward Yeti is a webcomic staple that touches your heart through simple truths and light humor. XKCD brings you thought-provoking, sharp and smart humor that will keep you entertained for hours!

3. Create your own Manga character

Want to see how your Manga version looks? Once you’re done perfecting your mug, you could create the same for your entire family or friend circle!

4. Take a museum tour

Yes, this year has really killed travel plans. However, virtually touring some amazing museums is one of the fun things to do on the Internet! Take the online tour of the Louvre, or walk through the art galleries at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Don’t miss a 360º view of the Sistine Chapel via The Vatican Museum website or virtually stroll through New York’s magnificent Metropolitan Museum of Art. There are more museums you can tour – a quick Google search will get you there!

5. Get inspired by TED Talks

Inspiration may be hard to come by in these trying times, but the world is still full of possibilities. And this very sentiment has been gathered in a series of the best Ted Talks ever delivered. Prepare to be wowed!

6. Tune in

Still searching for fun things to do on the Internet? What if you could listen to music playing from different radio stations around the world – and from different eras too? Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Tune in to Radiooooo, pick a country, a time period and enjoy a curated playlist of your choice! 

7. Find your Myers-Briggs personality

It’s always fun to discover a little more about yourself! Take this free personality test and discover which of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types you fit into!

8. Watch the earth from the International Space Station

It’s probably a great idea to take a vacation from the earth at the moment! Unfortunately, you can’t step away from the planet, but you can do so virtually, at least. Nasa makes it possible for you to watch a live stream of the earth from the ISS. Happy viewing!

9. Create your own memes

Memes make the world go round! Witty or sarcastic, condescending or downright funny, they are extremely entertaining. Why not make your own? Use the Meme Generator to bring your humor to life!

10. Play a guessing game

Prepare to be amazed! Think of a character, object or animal. The Akinator will ask you a series of questions and guess the answer accurately – every single time! Try to outwit it!   

11. Watch documentaries

When you feel like getting serious with facts, watch a documentary for free at Documentary Heaven. Browse through their categories to choose a topic that interests you. Then settle down with popcorn.

12. Start a journal or a blog

If you like to write or collect your thoughts on paper, you could consider starting a journal or a blog. There are innumerable things to write about – starting with life in these strange times. Perhaps someone, years later, will gain an insight into the coronavirus pandemic from a personal account of your experiences! WordPress is great to start a blog, while apps like Evernote are perfect for journals.

13. Explore a city with Google Street View

You can literally explore the world through Google Street View! So the next time you feel like taking a walk, virtually stroll down an avenue in Paris or even walk past your own house, just for kicks! It’s a great way to plan your next trip too – a real trip, after travel becomes safe and possible again.

14. Explore your family history

There are ways to climb the branches of your family tree and learn more about your ancestors’ lives. FamilySearch gives you a free opportunity to piece together your family history in an interesting way.

15. Keep in touch with your family and friends

Social media can prove to be especially useful at a time like this when social distancing separates you from your loved ones. Instead of mindlessly scrolling, you could connect with your friends and family, and have just as much fun.

There are plenty more fun things to do on the Internet, but these can no doubt get you started. And while you spend some quality time with your device, remember also, to spend some equally quality time with the people that matter – in your home and your life. 

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