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Top Google Analytics metrics to track for your website

There are certain key Google Analytics metrics that you should track for your website.

Analyzing and measuring these important metrics helps optimize your website’s performance. It also gives clarity on your future course of action. If you have gone through our beginner’s guide to Google Analytics, you’ll know the various metrics you can gain from it, and what you’ll need to track to serve your purpose. 

The main purpose of creating a professional website is to effectively communicate with your target audience. To gauge the success of your website, closely analyze certain key performance indicators. These indicators must be measurable or else the entire exercise is futile. Awareness of which Google Analytics metrics to track lends value to the work accomplished and encourages additional investment in the services provided.

You must consistently evaluate the success of your website. Begin by first defining the quantifiable key performance indicators. Use the following approach to arrive at specific Google Analytics metrics:

  1. Outline your company’s overall goals
  2. Identify ways to achieve the laid down objectives
  3. Place these into measurable slots
  4. Define performance indicators that strike a healthy balance covering usability, conversion, and engagement

You can read our beginner’s guide to Google Analytics to help you get started. Once you’ve set up your Google Analytics account, you can start tracking the metrics.

Here are some of the important Google Analytics metrics to track for your website:

Tracking the site traffic

Keep track of the total number of visitors viewing your site on a regular basis. This is a good indicator of the impact of your marketing campaigns. A steady increase in the number of unique visitors is a good sign. On the other hand, a drop signals the time to adopt a more effective strategy.

Calculating the conversion rate

The success of your digital marketing strategy is represented by your conversion rate. To arrive at this figure, divide the number of unique site visitors by the number of actual conversions.

A visitor completing your online form or making an online purchase through your website are examples of successful conversions. High overall conversion rate means your strategies are working. However, low conversion rates need to be worked upon.

Analyzing cost per conversion

The money you spend on generating leads should not exceed the value of every conversion made. If this is the case, it will negate your net income.

To tackle this, review the available data and then take steps to cut costs by adopting conversion strategies that work in your favor. Playing around with keywords and choosing the most opportune moment to advertise will help in this respect.

Evaluating the bounce rate

A ‘bounce’ refers to a site visitor navigating away from your web page without viewing it in its entirety or completing any task.

A low bounce rate indicates that your website delivers on all fronts. Bad design, irrelevant content, slow loading time, not being user-friendly, etc, result in a high bounce rate. You then need to improve on improving your website to meet the expectations of your target audience.

Comparing average session durations

Average session duration is an indicator of how long a visitor spends on each page of your website. It is one of the critical metrics to track for your website. When the time spent is exceptionally short, it could be because of low-quality content which does not appeal to your visitors. Relevant landing pages usually result in high average session durations.

Tracking interactions per visit

Closely tracking the interactions per visit is critical as some visitors may spend extra time only to comprehend your content better. This is not a positive sign.

When visitors explore other pages too in addition to your landing page and leave a comment, they are more likely to be converted into loyal clientele. Tracking these patterns enables you to adopt strategies that favorably influence your site visitors.

Investing in a website is an integral business aspect. It must yield a worthwhile return on your investment by generating the desired impact.

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