5 things to consider when hiring a content writer

Writing content is not just about writing articles using proper grammar.

Everyone is definitely looking for great content on the web and your objective should be for your audience to actually find your articles and engage with them.

It is not that easy and there is often a misconception about what great content is all about or what to expect from a content writer.

Maybe you’ve wondered what a content writer does. Writing correctly is not the only criterion for choosing someone to write for your brand. A content writer does much more than just write. They need to connect with you and your brand, understand who you are and what message your company wants to convey.

The person you choose to write your content should be creative, love challenges and be passionate about research. Knowing about SEO is a definite must as well. These attributes are important to start on the right note.

“Good research is the foundation of good content writing.” Julia Spence

Have you thought of the following when speaking with a content writer?

  1. In which tone do you want the content to be written?

Serious, flowery, corporate or funny. You need to define a tone of voice that best describes your brand. Maybe you could provide some links that exemplify the type of content you prefer and explain why to your content writer, in order for them to write as accurately as possible. Also, which form of English – British or American? It is always better to think about it before starting to write.

  1. What is the main purpose of your content?

You may want your content to simply attract attention but it is always important to remember that your content will be better received if it educates and informs. What insights or tips will you give to your audience? You need to create genuine resources, those that your users want and need. You are an expert in a specific field so concentrate on writing clearly about it. Do not shy from giving advice and best practice tips. Your audience may read your content and follow you if they get value from it.

  1. Have you looked into keywords?

Your audience needs to find your content, thus researching keywords is mandatory even before you start writing. Finding and choosing the right keyword(s) leads to interesting content ideas. One focus keyword should be unique per article. Depending on the topic, your content writer should pick the most popular keyword and think of a great headline to draw attention. It is also important to research what others are talking/writing about on a similar topic.

  1. What can you tell me about Search Engine Optimization?

There are specific rules and a specific way to add keywords to your article. Think URL, meta description, body text and an attractive headline — it is not about writing your keyword(s) too many times but finding an optimized keyword density that allows your text to flow and read in a very natural way. Remember that the article has to be written for the audience and not for SEO. All of this is part of a strategy and involves a serious thought process before starting anything. Writing well, again, is not enough. You need to write SEO optimized content.

  1. What is your content strategy?

Writing great content requires a clear mind, and takes time. Before starting to write, make sure that you are looking at an editorial content calendar. What you are going to write about, and when, matters. Great content needs feedback and proofreading. Sometimes, you need to put some distance and leave the first draft aside to come back to it a few days later. Sometimes you might write the article yourself, but still, your content writer will need to edit it. Come up with a plan, and decide to publish every Wednesday for example. The copy should be ready to be reviewed every Monday to have enough time to edit it and nicely format it on the screen.

Content writing is all about chemistry and an honest communication between your company and the content writer. Clearly voice your vision and your preferred writing style for an optimized content writing strategy. Think keywords and SEO to make sure that your audience finds your content and looks for more. Content writing is here to stay so find a content writer passionate about words and definitely interested in your company.

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