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How to write a powerful website elevator pitch

Writing descriptions can be hard. Explaining what you do is often harder. Hence, it’s a challenge between making sure you include the important details of your business and to hold your audience’s attention. A website elevator pitch is a smart alternative to having to explain your entire history without your visitors losing interest. This is, in fact, the perfect opportunity to smooth-talk customers into choosing your brand. 

Elevator pitching includes creating concise and persuasive descriptions of products or companies to benefit potential customers. Quite literally, it’s how you can convincingly pitch a product within the duration of an elevator ride. It helps you learn how to condense your speech and make it more appealing. The main takeaway here is your ability to summarize your website articulately. Of course, this should be done in an attention-grabbing and persuasive manner that can be understood by your target audience. Knowing how to make an elevator pitch is vital to your website’s success.

To guide you, here are 4 easy tips to help you create the perfect website elevator pitch.

Be informed

You can’t speak for something you don’t know much about. So, it goes without saying that in composing an elevator pitch, you have to understand your business thoroughly. Only then can you present substantial and significant information to your audience. This is another means to cross-check information and identify key points to put in the pitch. When you brainstorm content ideas for the pitch, you will eventually also determine the relevant information that can add value to your website.

An elevator pitch example:

“Merchant Machine helps small businesses quickly and easily save money on their credit card processing costs by comparing the leading options in the market. It’s completely free to the end-user, there are no obligations and takes just one minute to do.”

Be transparent

Don’t sell yourself or your business short. If you have achievements or have garnered awards that can be beneficial to your website, don’t hesitate to add it. If your company or product is recognized in a particular industry or field, flaunt it. Remember, using credentials to your advantage can attract customers and help your website generate sales.

When crafting your website elevator pitch, remember that it has to be brief, value-adding, informative, and interesting. Don’t simply oversell; be sincere and honest about the quality of the product of service. Otherwise, this can turn things around negatively and push your shoppers away.

An elevator pitch example:

“Hux is an online platform directly connecting local consumers with house cleaners. With Hux, you can easily compare local house cleaners on total price, reviews, availability and instantly book a service. Our technology empowers local house cleaners by replacing costly overhead found in the traditional service industry and makes it easy for consumers to book services online in just two minutes. Just think of us as the Uber of house cleaning!”

Be simple

Pretentious words are not necessary to create a sales-guaranteeing elevator pitch. You have to take into account the level of comprehension of your audience. Not everyone can understand marketing or business-related jargon. Most of the time, they might not know what you’re talking about when you’re pitching to them. Confusing your audience with complicated words will only make them disinterested in what you have to say, no matter how “cool” sounding it is. You have to speak in layman’s terms. Otherwise, you will only appear superior to your audience.

A simple elevator pitch example:

“We provide hosted telephone systems for small companies.”

Be engaging 

Forming your pitch hooks or how you begin your speech should be able to spark interest. How? You ask questions. This is an excellent way to allow readers to participate in your pitch by asking them product or service-related questions.

An elevator pitch example:

“Have you ever experienced a pipe leak? Did you have a hard time fixing it? With, you can instantly contact our customer service to guide you in finding the tools that can fix your leak in no time. You can have same-day delivery too if you pay within 2 hours of your order transaction.”  

Making an elevator pitch for your business is a great way to utilize website space and share clear and concise information with your site visitors without having to repeat yourself. This is the perfect time to channel your creative skills in graphics and typography that will add texture and personality to your website. All you need to remember is to be informative, transparent, simple, engaging, to produce the perfect pitch for the market.

Of course, there are still many other ways to improve website quality and generate sales, one of them being website design. You can read about the website design must-haves for the perfect business website.

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