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How to write product descriptions that sell

Online businesses don’t have the luxury of smooth-talking customers into making a purchase. In fact, it requires certain creativity to be able to sell your products online. For e-commerce to succeed, you must be adept at writing product descriptions that sell. 

A product description is basically information about your product coupled with good reasons to support a purchase decision. It is, in general, a marketing copy that describes key information such as special features, details, and benefits of a product to target customers. Composing effective product descriptions for your e-commerce website can be a big factor in generating product sales.  

Before you begin, you must identify your goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of what you will sell. Writing your own description instead of relying solely on that of your suppliers will result in a positive response, and help boost your online business. Here are a few tips to help you write effective product descriptions.  

1. Ready, set, aim

To craft a product description that sells, you must first know your target market. Who is this product made explicitly for? Why would they be using this item? How will they be able to use this? You must also indicate the details of the item — the dimensions, what material it is made from, its features and functions. It is essential to include the long-term value of the product and what sets it apart from its competitors. This will enable customers to consider your product as a good investment.

2. Write to sell

You won’t be writing an essay to move readers; you’ll be writing to sell. Make it concise, and written in a technical and informative manner for buyers. It should also highlight key information for a quick read. This is because customers don’t have a lot of time to look through everything. Engage with them by appealing to them emotionally, and adding character to the product description. 

First, you’ll need prose – the initial part of the product description. Prose should consist of a paragraph, just enough to hook the potential customer. This is a short yet creative way to convince shoppers why they need your product.

Second, you’ll need bullet points to list the technical details of a product or key information. Bullet points are used for product specifications, features, and other benefits. It’s easy on the eyes for shoppers who are in a rush.

3. If you’ve got It, flaunt it

When formulating an eye-catching product description, don’t be afraid to boast. If you have the background and expertise to back up the quality of your product, include that. Don’t hesitate to share why your product is the best in the market because this will only encourage more buying. If you need to get technical, then prove to the customer with all the possible services, features, and what it has to offer.

However, if you feel that your written product description is starting to get congested and long, you can always show instead of tell. Sometimes, you can best describe a product by uploading pictures. This way, it adds more credibility and will stick to the shopper’s memory.

At the end of the day, the best person to advertise your product is you. Remember to use genuine and accurate words in composing a unique and advantageous product description. Apply what you have learned and watch your e-commerce website generate sales. Identify your demographic, find what writing template suits each product, and flaunt what you’ve got. 

Your website design can also greatly enhance your chances of selling. Find out the key components of an effective e-commerce website design.

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