how to write service descriptions that sell them you and me

How to write service descriptions that sell

There are so many elements that come together to help your website do what it was meant to do. Like easy navigation, quick loading time, a well-organized homepage, effective call to actions, an about page that builds trust, and most important, valuable content.

Your product or service page offers a huge opportunity to convince your website visitors to buy from you or hire your services. The way you present your product or service to potential customers with details of what will matter to them, will make the difference between visitors wanting to know more about your offerings and simply leaving your website.

In an earlier post, we outlined how to write product descriptions that sell. In this article, we’ll tell you how to craft effective service descriptions.

1. Consider your customer

Think from the point of view of your client – which aspects of your service will matter the most to them? Then elaborate on that and add those updated, relevant and useful details with a call to action (CTA) that persuades them to take an action.

2. Clearly define whom your service will help and how

Your content should extend beyond what you do. Being the expert on your service, you will know exactly whom your service will help and how it will bring value to them. Therefore, clearly mentioning this aspect will ensure that your potential client is not left guessing about the benefits of your service.

3. Acknowledge your customer’s pain point

Nothing is more assuring than someone understanding what you need and fulfilling that need. So it is with your potential customer. When you acknowledge the problem they are facing and offer a solution for it, while also showing them the outcome of working with you, they will feel that they’ve come to the right place. Also, mention the emotional outcome of your services, apart from the nitty-gritty details. For e.g. if you’re a cake artist, you’re offering not just delicious confectionery, you’re also offering a warm, satisfying feeling and a great celebratory memory along with personalization, flawless delivery and making the customer feel heard and understood.

4. Keep the description simple and understandable

Your content is most effective when free from jargon and technical terms that customers may be unfamiliar with. Once you’ve finished writing your content, read it from your customer’s point of view and see if you understand it and if it adheres to the aforementioned points.

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5. Format your content for reading ease

Use different paragraphs for different services, each with its own heading, use bullet points if necessary, and keep the content concise and to the point. Your service descriptions should have a pleasing, uncluttered look, inviting potential customers to find out about more.

6. Use social proof

It’s human tendency to ask others who have used the product or service you are contemplating purchasing or to check reviews. Also, your website visitors will be more convinced about the effectiveness of your services when it comes from other users rather than from you. Which is why it’s a good idea to let past clients say it for you. Reviews, testimonials, social sharing metrics and more can be useful on your website.

7. Use compelling CTAs

Including details about your service isn’t enough. You need to prompt your website visitors into action with compelling CTAs such as ‘Try for Free’, ‘Buy Now’, ‘Get a Quote’ etc. Make sure to feature your CTAs prominently on your website so they’re not missed.

Presenting your services well on your website can make a significant difference to your conversion and revenue, so you should definitely pay attention to your service descriptions. And while you’re writing service descriptions that sell, don’t forget to optimize your content for SEO! Wishing you luck writing yours!

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