love technology them you and me

This is why I love technology

“We are spending way too much time on our phones.” I have heard this a lot lately and I always smile, thinking, I love technology and spending time on my phone.

Should I feel guilty?

I don’t. I love it because I owe a lot to my phone. It has been the best thing to happen to me in these past years.

I have become more organized than I ever was; I have never forgotten a thing or misplaced a document. No more of that awkward, overwhelming feeling of having things all over the place. No more panic moments or losing time looking for something.

But don’t get me wrong, this hasn’t happened overnight. And if I have done it, you can too.

I agree there are numerous opportunities for distraction and wastage of time that make us forget what we were supposed to be doing in the first place. Here’s something I used to experience often:

I am looking for a hotel, but I stray into reading about the best restaurant in the city, or opening an ad for a dress wandering on my page, and finally end up buying a movie ticket!! Sounds familiar? From a conscious action to frivolous phone typing.

One day, I blocked an entire day and decided to select only the apps that were working for me. Let me list them out so you can make the most of them too.

Like everything else in life, like any other addiction, phone is to be used in all moderation.

‘Streaks’ to organize habits – it’s the most recent one I’ve added. From drinking water, to yoga to pauses during the day, you can set up any alarm you want.

‘Flipboard’ for selective news, on topics that interest me.

‘Google Calendar’ to schedule everything – from work meetings to meetings with myself, annual check-ups, bills payments, etc.

‘Pinterest’ to create my boards for inspiration.

‘CamScanner’ for my receipts and important documents, so I can keep them with me at all times. This has helped me email a person from my office, a proof of address that she needed on the spot.

‘HomeBudget’ for expenses.

‘Snapseed’, ‘Typorama’ and ‘iWatermark’ for posting my pictures live.

‘2Do’ for my new daily to-do lists and lists of all sorts (still, I am a big fan of Kikki.K paper notebooks)

‘Pocket’ to save articles I can read later, or when I am offline in the plane.

‘Uber’, so I never have to stress about not having cash on me.

‘Headspace’ for meditation – anytime, anywhere – while walking in the street or when stuck in traffic.

‘Google Photos’ for immediate back-up of my pictures – the last time my computer crashed was an eye-opener!

My phone has helped me eliminate my worst habits and emphasize my best ones, at home and at work. I think it, I type it. I like it, I screenshot it.

I believe we can love technology, yet not become a slave to it. We can use it as a means to make our lives easier and to become more organized. And it can start with organizing your week on Monday. It takes some practice and discipline but “discipline is just a choice between what you want now and what you want most”.

I want to have more time to prioritize what matters. I love the idea of being tech-savvy in today’s world, stress-free in this fast-paced life and not answering, automatically, “I am busy” but simply, “I am happy.” No more of this feeling of being overwhelmed.

I’d be pleased to chat about it if you need guidance or a place to start.

Have an inspiring digital day,



Do you love technology too? Do you have a favorite app? Share your favorite tips with me.

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