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How to find amazing ideas for B2B social media content

Try recalling at least 5 brands that are big on social media. Are any of those B2B companies?

If you’re wondering if B2B brands have any chance of killing it on social media, then the answer would be “yes!” Of course, you won’t find as many examples of such when compared with B2C brands, but there are enough to tell you that it’s possible, and with the right content, you most definitely can. So, don’t ignore Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, thinking that they won’t work for you. Grab the opportunities they present. All you need is some inspiration and a few creative ideas for your B2B social media content.

Here are 5 ways by which you can find great content ideas for your B2B social media marketing:

1. Consider your audience, not your business
There may be over a billion people on social media. Of that, a small yet definite fraction is interested in your industry, your business and what you have to offer. You need to define your target audience and give them what they’re looking for. Think about the content they want to view, and the information they are looking for, and post accordingly.

The scope of what you can share on social media can become much broader if you know whom you’re talking to. With B2B, your target audience will be other business owners. Tailor your content to suit their needs and interests.

2. Follow your competitors’ social media channels
How do you know what your audience likes, wants to know, or is talking about? By looking at your competitors’ pages and viewing their engagement with their customers and followers. You can gain a great deal of insight from their reactions, questions, and comments. Also, analyze which posts garner the most engagement and use the same concepts to fuel your ideas for your B2B social media content.

Another source of input is customer feedback and questions. Brainstorm with everyone in the company who has had any contact with customers. Also, take a broad view of your business, and identify obstacles to buying, then work on removing them by providing information or assurance through your posts.

3. Go beyond LinkedIn
LinkedIn is the most popular and widely used B2B social media platform today. You probably use it to generate leads. However, being on other social media channels will help you in your branding efforts as well. And in this case, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, and Quora will also provide some amazing ideas for your B2B social media content. You can see what people are discussing or asking questions about, and then you can tailor your content to pique their interest or answer those questions.

4. Behind-the-scenes content
The algorithms of social media channels give priority to the engagement between personal profiles rather than those between businesses. You can leverage this by encouraging employee advocacy.

What would you like your employees to share about your company? On what key topics would you like to be known as the thought leader in the market? What message would help you engage more, or attract more talent? Your employees will be able to share interesting and engaging posts that will also bring your brand greater visibility.

5. Feature a partner
Collaborating with other organizations can also help serve up some social media content. Most B2B companies offer solutions that are a part of a larger, more complex solution. Featuring a partner gives you the opportunity to add to your social media content by mutually showcasing each other on various platforms, and publishing blogs that answer customer queries or share insights about the solutions you offer.

It’s not particularly difficult to find engaging and interesting ideas for B2B social media content. Ideas are everywhere, and they just need to be streamlined and channelized into the right social media avenues.

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