What to post on Instagram – 15 content ideas

Instagram can be your greatest ally in growing your business and connecting with your audiences.
It truly pays to have a social media marketing plan that will make things more organized as you work towards your business goals.

Perhaps you’ve already checked out 15 content ideas for your Instagram posts in our previous article. Here are 15 more, to help you cruise through the month without any difficulty. Read on –

Day 16: Share a resource

Share a resource that has helped you with work, to overcome a challenge, or one that is useful to you on a daily basis.

Day 17: Share your brand values

This is a great way to tell your audience what your brand stands for.

Day 18: Share your logo and its story

Let your brand logo become a recognizable icon among your growing audience. Share the thought that has gone behind it.

Day 19: Feature a customer / client / follower

Rewarding your avid supporter with a feature on your page is a great idea for content for your Instagram post. It’s also a great way to show your gratitude and encourage loyalty.

Day 20: Mini lesson

How about a small lesson that will benefit your audience? You could provide an easy, insightful way to overcome a challenge, or hacks to doing something.

Day 21: Family and friends

Pictures of your people help your followers to see the real you, and connect better with you.

Day 22: Inspiring quote

Post a quote that has inspired you. Perhaps, it could become someone else’s inspiration too.

Day 23: Future plans

Another good content idea for your Instagram post is to write something that rouses people’s curiosity about what’s coming next, regarding your brand, your business, or even your life.

Day 24: Reminder to join your email list

Your followers on Instagram may be missing out on a lot of good stuff on your blog or newsletters, so remind them to sign up.

Day 25: A goal

What are you trying to accomplish today, this week, or in the near future?

Day 26: Personal fun fact

Let your personality come through your profile. Share an interesting personal fact with your followers.

Day 27: Motivation

What gets you out of bed, ready and eager to take on the world? Post this on a Monday for #mondaymotivation, to start the week on a high note.

Day 28: Mention a failure

It helps people know that others go through failure too, and that they’ve come out alright at the other end. Keep it real, keep it encouraging.

Day 29: Your favourite hang-out spot / cafe / store

Which are the places you’d recommend if someone visited your city?

Day 30: Reveal your hobbies

What are you passionate about?

Day 31: Share your ‘why’

Why did you start your business? What was your vision? Involve your audience in your story, so they feel like they’re part of the journey.

Now that you’re armed with ideas for your Instagram content, all you need to do it to draft out your posts, so you can stay ahead of the game!

At Them You & Me, we help guide your digital marketing efforts through various social media channels. If you’d like some help with Instagram, then contact me, and I’ll help you plan a strategy for consistent results.

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