15 creative ideas for your Instagram posts

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today. It carries a massive potential to grow your brand image, understand your audience and to connect with it.
It also gives you countless possibilities to create an identity around your brand,
grow your Instagram followers and to develop trust.

Of course, this doesn’t just happen overnight, and it doesn’t happen through luck. It all begins with a strategy and consistently posting on the platform. Posting daily is a great way to maintain a consistent interaction with your audience. However, you might find yourself running out of creative ideas for Instagram posts. So here are 15 ideas for Instagram posts to start with, that should get you rolling.

Day 1: Quick tip

Remember, you’re the expert! Share a simple trick that your followers can try, one that will keep them hooked to your page for more.

Day 2: Inspiring story

Use the power of visual storytelling to inspire your audience. Convey what you are passionate about in micro-stories that align with your brand’s values and purpose.

Day 3: Your workspace

Give people a peek into your life. Post a picture of your workspace, including all the little details that make it interesting and uniquely you.

Day 4: Share your favourite tool

What app or resource or tool do you rely on the most? Let your audience benefit from it too!

Day 5: Introduce yourself

Let people know who you are! You’ll be gaining new followers each day, so it’s a great idea to let them see the face behind the brand. This idea for your Instagram post bears more merit than you might think!

Day 6: End-of-week celebration

Ease into the weekend with an effervescent, celebratory post. It’s time to let your hair down after a busy week.

Day 7: Support others

It pays to be nice! Give a shout-out for another brand that you admire on your page and let your audience discover them. Tag them so they can see your page, and your support, too.

Day 8: Share your blog post

Share something from your latest blog – a tip, a picture, or even an insightful reader comment.

Day 9: Location

The world is a large place, and your audience would love to know where exactly you’re interacting with them from.

Day 10: Behind the scenes

People love to see what’s going on in your everyday life. It makes your brand more authentic and believable. This creative idea to post behind-the-scenes pictures on Instagram is a great way to connect with your audience.

Day 11: Make a connection

Let your audience know where to find you on other social media platforms. Let them know what you share and why they should follow you.

Day 12: Pose a question

People love to share their opinion, and questions always attract interaction. Ask questions on any interesting topic or something pertaining to your brand.

Day 13: Currently reading / listening to / watching

What’s currently engaging your free time?

Day 14: Thank your fans

It feels great to be appreciated, so let your fans know you appreciate their support in your journey.

Day 15: A promotion

Promote your service or product. You never know around which corner a sale lies waiting for you!

So there you go — Instagram post ideas that you can use and repeat. Shuffle, if necessary. If you’re worried you don’t have enough pictures, then take photos of everything that you can think of that’s even vaguely associated with your brand. It could be your new bag whose colour matches the colour of your brand logo, or a coffee run during a break. Get those creative juices going, and you’ll never run out of ideas for a super Instagram page! And just in case you do, here are 15 more ideas to see you through the rest of the month! (You’re welcome!)

At Them You & Me, we specialize in digital marketing, and social media as a channel for increasing brand awareness and growing your market. You could contact me if you need any help marketing your brand.

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