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Conversation starter series: Interview with Juliette Capillaire

Welcome to our ‘Conversation Starter’ series, that aims to introduce you to more business owners around you, and to help get to know each other better.

Through these questions, we want to learn more about you. Not just your challenges and what you’ve experienced along your entrepreneurial journey, but the person that you are, beyond your business…about what makes you, you!

We realize that work does not always define us and things may not be what they seem. Often, we tend to work with people we know and trust. Most work partnerships fail because people hold back and don’t openly speak about what they want, and think.

As business owners, we have to show up and make ourselves known, if we want our business to grow. For some people, it is easy. For others, the idea of networking and social gatherings is not something they look forward to. In a world where people ask you right away, ‘What do you do’, what if it were more about who you are and what your story is?

How fun would it be to first encounter people without knowing what they do? Just meeting them and finding out what you may have in common and what you can learn from each other. Work and business opportunities could come second, naturally.

Here are a series of icebreaker questions answered by the people that inspire us. We believe the answers to these questions can help start conversations in a different way.

1. As business owners, we’re constantly networking and meeting new people. Let’s say you’ve just met someone for the first time. What’s the first thing you’d like to know about them?

I have to admit that I like to ask what they do, if they are entrepreneurs or in the corporate world and if we have things in common to be able to help each other.

2. We know you’re super busy – as all business owners are, no doubt – but when you’ve had the time to squeeze in some TV-watching, what’s the last thing you watched? What made you choose that particular show?

I usually prefer to read than watch TV but I have to admit that I recently watched some series like “La Casa de Papel” and “Ozark” as I really needed to take my mind off things effortlessly during the circuit-breaker period!

3. Before you decided to go solo and be your own boss, you must’ve worked for someone else. What advice would you give your previous manager?

To trust you and let you fulfil your responsibilities as if it were your own business! I think there is nothing better than feeling responsibilized with some support if needed.

4. A koala bear jumps in through your window, and he’s looking at you. Why is he here? And what does he say to you?

A koala…ok…then why not…I live next to the Botanic Garden in Singapore, I didn’t know that there were koalas in this tropical jungle but why not! He says, “Your home is welcoming and friendly, as is your dog. May I become your new pet?” And I might say “Yes” lol!!!

5. A resume can only tell you so much about someone. Often, the most interesting things about that person can’t be learned from those pages. What do you think is the most interesting thing about you, that your resume wouldn’t tell us?

When I look at a resume, I always start reading the areas of interest! Because that’s what makes the difference and what the personality is really. On mine, you may read that I have been a passionate dancer and yogi for many years and that I love reading classic or contemporary literature, especially novels. But you won’t read that I am a caring and loving mum…with not much patience, lol….especially with the home learning as we are experiencing for a few weeks now! You also won’t read that in my office, my cabinets are meticulously organized, but my desk is a total mess! I am a typical Virgo: altogether wise and foolish!

6. What gets you out of bed every morning? What is it that excites you, or is meaningful to you?

So many things! But I would say running and developing my business, making sure my family is happy and doing my physical exercises.

7. We’ve all got different talents and skills. It’s what makes us unique. What do you think you’re amazing at? And what are the things you’re not-quite-the-best at?

I think I am a very loyal friend, I could do anything for my good friends! But I am a pain at accounting…always procrastinating…even right now I am on this interview instead of doing my accounting…!

8. Building a great team takes time. It’s not easy to find the right fit – like, the people who share the same work values, have the same vision for your business and have a sense of humor. If you were granted a wish to hire any 5 people – people you know, celebrities…anyone – whom would you bring into your team?

My husband (only if he works under me, lol!), he is a great adviser and manager.

A full-time accountant, haha!!!

Isabel Marant to help me create my next collection! I am a total fan!

A very experienced marketing manager.

And you Marie…to work 100% for me. 🙂

9. If you woke up one morning and found yourself on a deserted island, which three things would you want to have with you? Why?

A reading tablet loaded with thousands of books! Sunblock, because my skin is super sensitive to the sun. A tent because I am not a fan of being bitten/attacked by wild beasts during the night!

10. Inspiration can come from anywhere…a picture, a bike ride, the lyrics of a song, a pet, or even a gorgeous sunset. But people have the power to inspire us like none other! There is always someone we look up to, someone we admire. Who has inspired you in your life, and in what way?

My grandmother. She really led her life as she wanted, working instead of her husband, running his company for a while when he died, at which time their daughters were 10 and 12, and always, always, being stylish and elegant! She was manipulative, but in a good way, everybody around her loved her!

11. What’s your spirit animal? If you haven’t ever given it a thought, the time is right now!

A horse. It is independent but can also carry people and help them, can react quickly when needed but able to listen to understand.

12. What characteristics do you admire the most in a person?


13. Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do but were afraid to try? What’s stopping you from doing it?

I think not…I’ve done everything that I have wanted to do.

14. We’ve all been impressed by someone’s skills and wished we could have them too! If you could have a new skill at the snap of your fingers, what would it be?

Playing the piano.

15. What’s your idea of a perfect day?

Exercising in the morning, working on my new collection, having lunch with my best girlfriends, spending an afternoon at the spa, reading a book to my kids and having dinner in a fancy restaurant with my husband.

About Juliette Capillaire

I’m a French fashion designer in Singapore. Capsule by Juliette is my answer for women who are trying to do it all and want to feel their best in their everyday life. It is a collection of stylish and exclusive women’s wear with a French ‘je-ne-sais-quoi, to make everyone who wears it feel beautiful, inspiring and amazing!

I believe that our clothes should stand out, no matter what the occasion – whether it’s a party, or a business meeting or a fun day at the beach.

Now that you know a little more about Juliette online, you could make things more interesting by connecting offline!

You could contact Juliette here:


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