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Meet Alexandra Ganipeau from The French Hack 

Alexandra has been the go-to French person in Melbourne for the last 25 years. She has tutored in many private homes, schools and companies since she arrived in Australia. In 2019, she decided to inject more fun into her working life by creating The French Hack, a vibrant online community of French learners and francophiles, which turned out to be a timely decision as the world shut down for quite a while. 

She now runs 2 online memberships, tutors high school students, hosts bilingual French events and absolutely loves the work she calls her job.


A book: Too many to pick but right now, I have just finished reading “La Carte Postale” by Anne Berest.

A destination: Anywhere in Italy. I also love a tropical beach. Bali and Los Angeles never disappoint.

You are inspired by: As I am getting older, my inspirations are much more simple. I find myself looking for kind, authentic and simple people.

A value: I encourage my kids to value all experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly, and to accept them as part of our journey.

Something you stand for: I stand for being a good person and doing the right thing.

Tech savvy, yes or no: Embarrassingly awfully NOT tech savvy.

Your favorite tech tool: Does my iPhone count?

What’s the big vision/dream:  As soon as my youngest son is out of school, I am hoping to escape Melbourne winters every year and work from my laptop in some sunny destination.

Your advice for anyone starting a business: Hold on tight, this is going to be a wonderful yet crazy ride!

Your mantra: ‘Don’t let perfect stop you’ just go for it and finetune as you go.

You can find out more about The French Hack at and connect with Alexandra via email at
or on Instagram at
and on LinkedIn at

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