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Meet Azmi Jaffar from No deviation

Azmi is a creative explorer, storyteller and data-driven marketer at No deviation, a distinguished pharmaceutical consultancy headquartered in Singapore. The award-winning designer brings a profound design sensibility and storytelling prowess to the realm of marketing and communications. No deviation provides the perfect canvas for Azmi to creatively express his ideas, aligning his innovative approaches with the strategic goals of the company. 

In addition to crafting compelling narratives, Azmi plays a key role in shaping the branding strategies at No deviation. His expertise in design and marketing synergizes to enhance the brand’s visibility and impact in the competitive pharmaceutical industry. This unique fusion of design and data-driven marketing ensures that communications are not only impactful, but also aesthetically compelling.

Azmi’s commitment to excellence and his passion for continuous learning and adaptation keep him at the cutting edge of industry trends, making him a pivotal asset in the future of pharmaceutical consulting.


A book: Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable

A destination: Embarking on an exhilarating motorcycle ride across the Himalayas in northern India, exploring the majestic region of Ladakh, tackling both Umling La and Khardung La, admiring the stunning azure salt lakes, traversing the desert of Nubra Valley, immersing myself in the rich Tibetan Buddhist culture, and crossing 12 high Himalayan passes. 

You are inspired by: My biggest inspiration is the Ocean. Just my reverence for its power, its beauty, its magnitude, the massiveness of it.

A value: Perseverance

Something you stand for: I stand for equality and social justice, striving to ensure that everyone, regardless of their background, has equal opportunities and rights.

Your favorite tech tool:

What’s the big vision/dream: To live a life of significance, one that continuously strives for personal growth, meaningful contributions to society, and enduring relationships, all guided by integrity and curiosity.

Your advice for anyone on digital marketing: Before crafting your marketing strategies, it’s crucial to deeply understand your audience. Utilize analytics tools to gather data on their demographics, preferences, and behaviors. This essential information will guide you in creating more targeted and effective marketing campaigns, ensuring that your efforts resonate well with the intended audience and yield better results.

Your mantra: Focus solely on the objective; let nothing else sway you.

About No deviation 

No deviation is a patient-centric solution provider for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry in the Asia & Europe region. Specializing in Process Engineering, Commissioning Qualification Validation (CQV), Digitisation & Paperless Validation Solutions, Quality Compliance & Regulatory and Training & Education.

You can find out more about No deviation at View Azmi’s professional achievements on his LinkedIn profile at

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