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Meet Cecile Bleskine from Blossaum

A Self-Empowerment Coach, NLP Master, mBIT Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation & Breathwork Facilitator, Cecile believes that –

“Living the life you want isn’t about luck – it’s about what you create.”

Her approach is all about empowering YOU, so that you can choose to create new possibilities for yourself, and make long-lasting changes. Many people manage to be, do and have what they want in life. Why wouldn’t that be you?

Creative entrepreneur with a passion for empowering women, to navigate and thrive through change, and help them blossom both in their professional and personal life, Cecile is fascinated by the connection between mind, body work and energies. She adopts a holistic approach to her coaching practice and her programs. She draws from cognitive neuroscience concepts and methods blended with spiritual practices rooted in ancient philosophies, and makes this combination approachable and easy to integrate into modern life. 

Cecile is bilingual and works both in English and in French.


A book: You Are the Placebo by Dr Joe Dispenza

A destination: Bali

You are inspired by: Glennon Doyle (author of “Untamed” and founder of “Together Rising”)

A value: Connection

Something you stand for: The right to be yourself.

Tech savvy, yes or no: A constant learner!

Your favorite tech tool: Canva

What’s the big vision/dream: A world where we can lead a fulfilled life, feeling aligned with who we are and what we truly want.

Your advice for anyone starting a business: trust your gut and get support.

Your mantra: Perfectly Imperfect

If you’re interested in discussing where you are at and what you would like with Cecile, visit the website: and connect with Cecile via email at: or on LinkedIn:

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