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Why I choose imperfection

Even if everywhere around us we see this perfect and polished life, fancy wardrobe and breathtaking hotel, I choose the imperfect way.

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Let’s talk about digital marketing

There’s so much information online, way too much actually. Very quickly you feel overwhelmed by what you need to understand and learn. 

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5 tips to organize the week

It is Monday. You just sat in front of your computer with your first cup of coffee. Without further ado, you are about to clear your mailbox.

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This is why I love technology

“We are spending way too much time on our phones.” I have heard this a lot lately and I always smile, thinking, I love technology and spending time on my phone.

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This is why I travel

I travel to feel alive, to detach myself emotionally from what I see on TV, what I read online, what I experience every day. I travel to stop thinking.

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