My salsa playlist for inspiration

Some people cannot concentrate on work with music playing. I, however, always reach for my salsa playlist for inspiration.

Salsa music helps me focus especially during moments of intense creativity, like working on a website or graphic design. My salsa playlist is definitely inspiring.

I discovered salsa dancing while I was a student in Italy. A new passion was born and I even went to Cuba to learn and to discover a new culture.

Back in Italy, I was dancing almost 5 times a week and I even started teaching. It was a class for people I knew but I remember how nervous I had been, the first time I had all eyes on me as I explained the steps. Salsa stayed with me through my time in New York, and back in France. The salsa scene in France was amazing and it was so easy to find a place to dance, without having to plan anything. It used to be a ritual. Salsa dancing along the Seine on summer nights is what I miss the most.

I enjoyed the concerts of Marc Anthony and Gilberto Santa Rosa in New York and salsa was always the one thing that could take my mind away from everything.

Then, I moved to India for work and my dancing reduced. Hong Kong came next and salsa was not part of the weekly programme. Nothing in Singapore either. Sometimes I wonder why, but life happens, I guess. There are so many things we do when we are young and sometimes we just change our mind.

Salsa, however, has never left me. When I need to unwind, forget anything or travel in my mind to South America, my salsa playlist is very handy, and constantly inspires me. And when I get a chance to dance, all the emotions flow back, and the steps come back to me so naturally.

Some of you have asked me about my favorite Latin music tunes, so here they are. Great for running, bicycling and cooking as well. Definitely, a must when you decide to organize your week.

See you on the dance floor! Give it a try!

1, 2, 3…5, 6, 7

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