How to have visual consistency on social media

Visual consistency on social media goes a long way in your branding efforts. You need to maintain a consistent presence online.

You also need to use a uniform tone – both in visuals and voice – through all your posts and communications with your audiences. With the increasing focus on visuals in social media marketing, visual consistency across all your social media channels is more important than ever. All these, together, play a huge part in reflecting your brand’s personality.

The good news is, this is easy to do. Here’s how you can achieve visual consistency in your social media:

  1. Use a consistent color palette

Some brands are identified by their color alone, and this is no accident. They have used color as a vital element in their branding process and as a key component in the way they reach out to their audiences. This includes their presence on social media.

The idea is to give your business an identity that will help your audience recognize your brand through the repeated use of certain colors. For example, if your logo is blue and white, use these colors with a few accents in all your posts. Avoid bright reds and other similar high-contrast colors that are simply not you. You could use a color wheel to help with this. Your audience will soon make positive associations with your brand on seeing these colors. Choosing a consistent color palette will also give your design team a starting point for future design decisions. It will also serve as a valuable guideline for visual consistency in your social media.

  1. Create a mood with filters

Filters aren’t limited to Instagram; you can find them on various other social media channels. Image filters create a mood or evoke a feeling. While you might be tempted to use different filters for different images, it’s preferable to pick one that will suit your brand and use only that. This will impart a similar look and feel to all your visuals and keep them looking consistent.

Likewise, repeating similar angles, or using the same subject in your image also keeps your page consistent.

  1. Use text overlays to claim your images

With increasing emphasis on visual content, the need to create your own custom images is also growing. While you can use stock photos, you probably want to create your own visuals that align perfectly with your brand message. Creating your own images will give you complete control over all visual elements. And of course, you can use them again with minor tweaks when necessary.

However, there is always the risk of your images being ‘repurposed’ by online users. Some might use your images without giving you credit, or may use it in a different context. Either way, it’s difficult to prevent from happening. However, you can turn the situation around to your advantage.

Instead of cracking down on the offenders, let them spread your brand’s message through your images. Make sure everyone knows that the image belongs to your brand by putting your logo on it. Or, add text in your own unique font. Giving your images your personal stamp in this way will also help with maintaining brand consistency and recognition.

Finally, be unique in your choice of visuals. Create a strong visual identity for your brand through colors and images so that it is in no way mistaken for another, especially your competitor. So, follow these simple steps that will ensure you have visual consistency across your social media channels.

Always remember, consistency is key in every aspect of your social media presence – not only pertaining to the visuals in your posts, but also your content strategy.

At Them You & Me, we specialize in styling your social media the way you want, and in a way that will help your brand personality shine through. If you’d like some help with creating visual consistency on your social media, get in touch!

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