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Website design questionnaire for onboarding clients

Successful communication from the very start, between a digital marketing agency and you, our potential client, is imperative. That’s what helps us, as an agency, to make accurate recommendations, estimates, and deliveries. This is why we strive to offer the most accurate and nurturing approach, knowing as much as possible from the very beginning. In this regard, a comprehensive questionnaire is very useful to ensure there is clarity and complete understanding of what you want and need. A website design questionnaire goes a long way in identifying your vision and translating it into a creative, effective website.

You must be thinking – why do I need to fill a website design questionnaire?

A website design questionnaire initiates the process of discovery and understanding required to create a great website. It will ensure that your expectations and needs are met. It is also especially valuable for clarity on:

— Timelines: This will ensure that the project is completed within the set deadlines.

— Project scope: Once the deliverables are clarified upfront, there will be no confusion on what exactly needs to be done. Anything beyond the scope of work can be additionally included and charged.

—  Your reference and objective: To make sure clients can convey exactly what they have in mind.

Here is a sample questionnaire that a digital marketing agency would provide you with, to help you convey your website specifications and requirements. 

General information

1. What does your company do? 

2. Who are the points of contact in your company? What are their roles?

3. Do you have a specific budget allotted to your website design project?

4. What timeline are you looking at? 

5. When is the launch date for the website?

Business goals

1. What is the purpose of the website?

2. What is your USP?

3. How does your company differentiate itself from its competitors?

4. Please list 3 competitor website URLs that you like. 

5. What is the URL for the current website (if present)?

6. If you have a website, which aspects of it are successful, and why? Which aspects are unsuccessful? What do you like or would want to change?


1. Do you have a logo and a branding style guide?

2. Do you wish to maintain the current branding?

3. Which visual features, like images, graphics, etc., do you want to use from your existing website or marketing materials?

4. List 3 adjectives to describe how your ideal customer should regard your website. For example, innovative, fun, friendly, corporate and so on. How is your company regarded, offline? Do you want the same for your website?

Website features

1. With whom do we discuss technical issues in your company?

2. Will you need any of the following:

– Migrating your old website to a new location

– A new URL

– A new hosting service

– Business mail set up

– Registration for users

– Newsletter sign-up

– Portfolio / photo gallery

– Blog

– Website translation

– Forms

– Maps

– Video / audio streaming

– E-Commerce features

– Point of Sales

– Downloadable material (eBook, PDFs)

– Specific plugins and extensions

– Search

– Secure areas

– Integration with pre-existing database (If so, what are you currently using?)

The list never ends so please mention any other features you may require.


1. Who will provide the website content?

2. Do you have a content strategy?

3. Do you have a sitemap prepared for your content? 

4. Do you have images? In what format, and at what resolution?

5. Would you want us to provide images and text for your website?

6. Do you want SEO-optimized content for your website? Do you have specific keywords you’d like to target?


1. Profile your ideal website visitor. Include demographics like age, income bracket, purchasing habits, etc.

2. What conversion do you want from your website visitor – to sign up for a newsletter, make a purchase, download your eBook, contact you?

3. What message are you trying to convey to your target audience through your website?

4. Do you use Google Analytics on your website? 

5. Do you have a business email and CRM in place? Which vendor/s do you use?

6. Have you enabled social media channels?

7. Have you tried Google Ads campaigns? What were the results?

8. Do you already have an inbound or outbound marketing strategy?

9. What percentage of customers do you get from online advertising?

10. Do you have a marketing budget?


1. Describe your product/service.

2. How many product categories do you have?

3. How will you manage inventory?

5. Will you offer discounts and coupon codes? How would you want these to work?

6. Do you have any policies for shipping? Are you using any particular shipping company at present?

7. Will your store collaborate with eBay, Google or Amazon?

8. What payment gateways and services will you be offering? (Google Wallet, Stripe, PayPal, COD, bank transfer, etc.)

9. Do you wish to enable customer reviews?

10. Will you allow customers to create and save wish lists?

11. Do you want to set up abandoned cart messages?

The answers to these questions will provide us with a comprehensive idea of your business needs, and how we can translate them into a website. It’s ok if you are unable to answer a few questions. You could always discuss them over a face-to-face or telephonic conversation. In any case, this website design questionnaire can be the foundation on which to build a strategy. You can also check out our article on website design must-haves for the perfect business website, to give you a broader idea of what you can expect. 

At Them You & Me, we demystify digital marketing and help in the digital transformation of businesses. If you’d like to discuss more about a website design questionnaire, or have any questions, give us a call.

To know about what we do and the services we offer, please visit our website.

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