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What does a digital marketing coach do?

As a business owner, you realize that effective online marketing is necessary to drive your business forward and to grow it. However, you may be ill-equipped in understanding the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape. You may still think that you can figure it out – but do you have the time? Instead of doing what you love, and what you’re good at, you might end up spending hours poring over how to create ads, trying to figure out how to use SEO, or discovering how tech works.

But what if you could have all this information in one place and have someone explain it to you in the context of your business needs? What if you had someone who could guide you through your digital marketing journey? Someone at your side to answer your questions, brainstorm and encourage you to get things done…a business partner without the legal implications.

This is exactly what a digital marketing coach does. It’s important to remember that digital marketing coaching is different from hiring an agency to create and execute a digital marketing strategy for your business. Coaching aims to give you control over your online presence. Here’s how a digital marketing coach will help you:

1. Understand your business 

A digital marketing coach will first learn about your business, research it thoroughly and then see how digital marketing can accomplish your business goals. They will also assess your extent of knowledge of digital marketing to be able to help you best. This also helps to create a personalized digital marketing strategy. 

2. Clarify the process

Digital marketing has numerous aspects to it – website, content, SEO, social media etc., which may confuse you, and you may not know where to begin. A digital marketing coach will listen to your challenges and concerns, your roadblocks and questions, then make the process clear. With adequate direction and learning, you will know exactly what needs to be done, how and how often.

3. Define a practical digital marketing strategy

Starting with your branding message, you will work with your digital marketing coach to plan a realistic strategy that you can implement for your business. This will include finding the relevant online platforms and how to use them to your advantage, thinking about a website, your content, your email marketing etc. Your coach will offer you direction, as well as map your journey from one point to the next, and hold you accountable to the various tasks involved.

Your digital marketing coach will provide a supportive role throughout the process and guide you through every step. You will learn the why, how and what for every element of digital marketing and gain the confidence to take charge of your digital marketing. 

4. Advise about digital tools

Your digital marketing coach will know the various tools that you can use for various tasks and will advise you on the ones that will best suit your needs.

Curious about how we can support you better?

Book a 15-minute discovery phone call that will help Marie better understand your requirements in digital marketing, website design or 1:1 coaching, assess your needs and determine if she is the right person to support you in the digital space.

5. Provide tips and next-steps

Something as vast as digital marketing needs to be carried out methodically and consistently. Your digital marketing coach will assist you with handy tips, best industry practices and practical next steps to help you implement everything you’ve learned.

If you’re ready to have someone who can guide and coach you on the digital marketing aspect of your business, then a digital marketing coach is what you need. Your coach will not only offer you the clarity, tools and know-how you need to manage your own digital marketing but also instil in you the confidence that comes from knowing that you don’t have to do it all alone, and that you have someone who is skilled and knowledgeable in the field assisting you. In the end, once you understand, you should be the one making the decisions that work best for you. 

Such a collaborative and cooperative association that holds you to your highest potential is empowering and will help you steer your digital marketing on your own in the future.

You can read our article about the 7 signs you need a digital marketing coach to determine if you need digital marketing coaching. 

At Them You & Me Digital, we help you with systems and processes in the digital landscape to help your business thrive, with peace of mind. If you’d like to discuss our digital marketing coaching sessions, please contact us at hello@themyouandme.com.You can also visit our website to learn more about our services.

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