Why you need an editorial content calendar

Sometimes, the best practices are put aside. Such as an editorial content calendar. 

It may seem an obvious task to implement one but many don’t start for numerous reasons – time and ideas, to begin with. Thing is, ideas are generated while thinking about content and you can actually gain time while mapping out the content ahead of schedule.

If you are a content creator, or simply the one posting on the social media platforms, there’s no better, more efficient way than to get organized with a well-planned editorial content calendar. The secret to a successful online presence is to plan ahead and execute while keeping your strategy in mind. If you don’t plan, you quickly lose track of what to say and when.

If you plan out your entire strategy on one calendar, it’s easier to stay organized, focus on deadlines, and generally be more productive. Furthermore, it’s a great way to communicate with your team and have everyone tuned in, knowing what is happening at all times.

An editorial content calendar should be a key piece of your organizational strategy. Without it, you are going forward without any direction and your content depends on how inspired you are that day. Don’t leave it to chance! Mistakes happen too often when there are no clear plans. No more of that last minute post in the morning – don’t post it just to get it over with.

With a content calendar, you can map out your blog posts, articles, quotes, pictures, videos – pretty much everything you need to get your message out there. It will help you keep in mind your company values, clearly define your storytelling, and review your messages ahead of time.

If you run short of ideas, which can happen to the best of us, check our article about Instagram content ideas. We hope it inspires you! Remember that this is not only about selling something. It is about telling your story, and connecting with your audience – in a genuine way.

Believe me, you’ll thank yourself later for making the decision to follow an editorial content calendar now. If there’s one resolution to keep this year, it is to get organized for your overall online strategy. Creating an editorial content calendar should definitely be your top priority. Have a meeting about it tomorrow, with your team, and make it happen!

Here’s the CoSchedule article that inspired us.

At Them You & Me, we love content and social media strategies. Both can go according to plan only if we strategically decide ahead of time what we are going to talk about. Reach out to us if you need our help to organize your content strategy and design your bespoke editorial content calendar.

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