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Why you need the right mindset for digital marketing

There’s no doubt that digital marketing is here to stay. Some businesses are already moving forward on their digital marketing journey with confidence, while others are just starting, or yet to begin. Nevertheless, the best time to begin, if you haven’t already, is right now. Adopt the right mindset with digital marketing and get the ball rolling.

Marketing your business online is a lot about your customer. But it is also about you and how you approach this function. It requires a certain mindset that can go a long way in helping you market your business or develop your personal branching online. This will guide you as you reach out to potential customers through social media or other channels, and interact more personally with them in reply to questions or comments through direct messaging. It will make you more perceptive to what your audience wants or expects, enabling you to craft better strategies and improve your products or services. And this is just at the tip of the iceberg. Here are 7 important attributes for a digital marketing mindset:

1. Adaptability

As clichéd as it sounds, change is the only constant, and to effectively market online, you should be able to evolve seamlessly with changing technologies, circumstances and algorithms. This is the difference between being proactive and reactive, and reflects on the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy.

2. Continuous learning

The learning never stops in any field, especially one such as digital marketing where evolution is quick and continuous. Take the time to stay updated on new technologies, and to stay relevant in the field. Learning can take the form of reading blogs and industry-related periodicals, taking online courses, or finding a great mentor.

3. Collaboration

One aspect of effective digital marketing is collaboration across teams, companies, systems and even data. A collaborative mindset emerges from mutual respect, trust and common goals, and can thrive in a dynamic digital landscape. Also, it is impossible for one individual to know everything, or even do everything, and it takes effective communication and the efforts and insights of researchers, data specialists and other parties, to put a digital marketing strategy into motion.

4. Empathy

Digital marketing is aided to a very large extent by digital data. However, despite how sophisticated technology becomes, it cannot take the place of human instinct, creativity and empathy. Brands aim to create an emotional bond with their audience, and this is possible only through a digital marketing strategy that will inspire trust and nurture loyalty. Only you can put yourself into your customers’ shoes and imagine what they want or expect.

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5. Patience and persistence

Digital marketing requires small, consistent efforts over a period. It takes time for a strategy to work, and if you do not have the patience to wait for the results, you may change strategy upon strategy without waiting for any of them to bear fruit. Organic SEO takes time to work, as does building a following on social media channels. You may be tempted to spend big bucks on ads for quick results, but they are not a long-term strategy. Patience and persistence pay, and taking the long view while making consistent calculated moves works.

6. Sticking with what works

The road to digital marketing success is different for different brands and industries. For example, what works well for a particular brand may not work as well for you – it depends on your audience, your product or service, your geography and more. The bottom line is, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. If something is working for you, stick with it. If your audience is engaging well with a particular type of content, then improve and create more of the same. You could look at your popular content and repurpose that content into other media types.

7. Data-driven decision making

Digital marketing may be an inexact science, but the data its decisions rest on are very precise. There are very clear metrics you can measure, based on which you create your digital marketing strategy, and constantly analyse and optimize them if necessary. The key lies in knowing which metrics to use and how to apply them to data-driven decisions which translate into a better online presence for your brand. Making assumptions about what your audience wants and basing your strategy on those assumptions is a big no-no.

How does a business without digital experience get started?

The online shift is most likely permanent which is why going digital is not a decision you can put off for later – and this is true for every industry. The important thing is to accept this and be willing to open your mind to marketing online or increasing the online visibility for your brand. The biggest challenge is not the cost – it’s the mindset shift.

Investing in digital marketing could start with identifying and training the right people inside your organization to conduct digital marketing for your business, or identifying an agency that can work with you on it. If you are an entrepreneur on a lean budget, you could even undertake digital marketing coaching. The idea is that you first get started and then roll with it. And with every landmark you achieve – however small – remember to celebrate your win.

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