Digital Marketing in Singapore - Clarity Session - Them You & Me

Wondering what a clarity session is all about?

It's a 2-hour, private conversation between you and me, where you can be completely open about your challenges and thoughts, without any fear of judgment.

A chat over coffee, perhaps, in which you can talk about yourself, your business goals and your projects, your to-do list, all of which will help me understand you and your vision for your business better. It will enable me to mentor you in the best way possible and offer strategic guidance.

Since this session is tailored to your needs, you can discuss whatever you have on your mind, in whichever way you are most comfortable. You could bring along a list of questions you wish to ask or points that you'd like to discuss, or simply freestyle it.

No matter what the approach, I can promise that at the end of our 2-hour tête-à-tête, you will have a clearer vision, a shift in perspective, valuable insights and actionable recommendations.

Together, we will discuss how to get things done.

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To give you an idea

  • When I told Marie about my project regarding an online platform for sustainable brands – Green Is The New Black – she immediately got super excited and offered her help. Her energy was so warm and loving that I immediately scheduled a clarity session with her. She gave me so many tips and ways to improve my website that I would recommend her session 1000 times. Her session was clear, authentic, straight to the point and so helpful! Thanks again, Marie!

    Paula Miquelis - Co-founder, Green Is The New Black
  • Marie is your go-to for all things digital and beyond. She injects tremendous passion and zeal into helping you achieve everything you set out to and more. She’s authentic, inspiring and goes the extra mile to make things happen! Booking a clarity session not only helped put together my digital vision but also gave me a clear structure and process to achieve my digital goals. With Marie you’re not just in good hands, you’re in great hands!

    Aniqa Zaman - Life Strategist
  • I want to thank and praise Marie for the work she has done with me during our clarity session. This session really helped me assess where I was standing and where I wanted to go. I was able to set my goals and define actionable steps towards it. This session gave me a clear vision of the "doable" and "realistic" actionables that I could implement, to take my business project to the next level. Marie is never short of useful tips and ideas. She made some great suggestions that helped me think outside the box. More than that, Marie's positive and cheerful spirit and personality motivated me greatly. It gave me the confidence that I needed to overcome my fears, take that step and move forward. I felt that Marie was very dedicated and committed to my project and its success. Her positivity and forward-looking personality is contagious. She has made a difference for me. Last but not least, Marie is super reliable and very prompt in answering my questions. It is such a pleasure working with her that I highly recommend her to you if you need help finding out where to go and what to do and how to do it. Thank you Marie!

    Valerie Marin - Integrative Nutrition & Wellness Coach

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