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Spirited Living

Welcome to the Spirited Living membership

To live a Spirited Life is to embark on a transformative journey that moves our awareness and interaction with life from reactive to responsive and into expansive and creative living. With regular engagement with our spiritual nature, wonderful changes take place in our bodies, minds, hearts and energy systems.
Join me, Danielle Van de Velde, as I guide and support you on your path and enable a journey into Spirited Living.

The French Hack

The French Hack guides your journey to better French through carefully curated online content, free monthly Zoom masterclasses, various memberships and private tutoring with French educator and teacher, Alexandra Ganipeau. Helping hundreds of people gain confidence in French, Alexandra speaks to students using clear words and simple examples that demystify the language, enabling them to work smarter, not harder.

The French Hack offers the flexibility and affordability of learning French online with an experienced native speaker. It caters to different learning levels and needs and allows members to study on their terms through its different memberships, including L’Essentiel, La Pause Dej’ and even a membership dedicated to VCE/IB students in years 11&12, as well as, of course, also offering private tutoring.



JULIETTE C offers an effortless chic collection of women’s wear, with a hint of glamour and a dose of rock for a free-spirited Parisian allure. The brand has come a long way since it was launched seven years ago, and while its style has evolved, its designs continue to make women feel confident and beautiful, and freely express their personality.

Inspired by women and nature, JULIETTE C is about limited collections of timeless and conscious pieces, designed to resist time and trend. Juliette, a French fashion designer and the name behind the brand, creates stylish, sustainable pieces that embody a distinctive French touch. Each is made using the softest natural fabrics, respectful of local and traditional know-how, and printed with eco-friendly and harmless inks.

No deviation

Incorporated in 2007, No deviation is a patient-centric solution provider for the pharmaceutical industry. It offers personalised, focused solutions in Engineering Consultancy, and Regulatory Quality and Compliance, with a sharp focus on delivering value-adding Commissioning, Qualification and Validation services as leading experts in developing the lean CQV methodology. No deviation also offers GMP-certified software for environmental monitoring and contamination control, paperless validation, training and professional recruitment services.

The organisation believes in a holistic approach to achieving a successful execution derived from the design thinking principles of Understand, Observe, Define and Implement, which takes its origin from Design Thinking.


Bellite is a fashion brand for women which combines the effortless Australian lifestyle with distinctive French influences to bring you timeless trends. Founded by Anabela in 2018, Bellite offers a collection of distinctive fashion pieces made by local Portuguese, French and Balinese savoir-faire designers. Discover clothes, jewellery, fashion accessories and lifestyle products in their stores in Camberwell or Rye, Australia, or online.

Anabela believes that clothing and accessories are avenues for women worldwide to confidently express their personality and style, which is why they must be diverse and original.

Fusion Safety

Fusion Safety is a professional safety consulting and advisory company that has been improving people’s lives since 2007. They assist organisations to protect their workforce by creating enhanced safety cultures, developing strong safety leadership capability at all levels, ensuring safe projects, building safety management systems that work, and problem-solving through specialist safety and health-related consulting services. Relationships, integrity and leadership define Fusion Safety and how they do business. Their simple truth is that they are improving lives.

danielle van de velde

Danielle Van de Velde offers various courses, content and community support to those who wish to understand and master the art of meditation, learn transformative inner practice and inspire their spirit.

She holds private coaching, energy sessions, courses and tailored programs for individuals, schools and organisations. She is a popular speaker at networking forums and workshops, a published writer and organises regular retreats in Asia and Australia.

Anne Koopmann

Anne Koopmann is an award-winning leadership coach and team development consultant who helps STEM organisations and leaders build diverse, human-centred cultures. She is also the founder of Lead Like YOU! – her Leadership Development Practice which combines essential self-leadership competencies with a powerful leadership toolbox to lead others.

Anne’s mission is to change workplace cultures to increase engagement and bring more diversity and emotional intelligence into engineering organisations – the key to future-ready organisations. A multifaceted and curious individual, she brings a unique perspective driven by her international work and life experience, and her experience as an engineer and female leader in STEM. Anne is a certified CliftonStrengths, Emotional Intelligence and NLP Coach & Facilitator, all of which contribute to her value-based services.

One B Wine

One B Wine is founded by Natacha Voland, who grew up in a wine family and is passionate about promoting Burgundy around the world. As Burgundy wine specialists, One B Wine is pleased to offer a diverse range of Burgundy wine appellations and producers, its discerning selections including Crémant, White (Chardonnay), Red (Pinot Noir) and liquors which reflect authenticity, quality and elegance. One B Wine pays close heed to what wine lovers are looking for and adapts the selection to their taste. They also find you exclusive, prestigious, fine and rare wine bottles.

Bastille Day French Festival Melbourne

The Bastille Day French Festival is a not for profit, community-based activity bringing together the French, francophone and French-Australian organisations in Melbourne. It celebrates the French National Day through an elaborately crated itinerary of French cultural programs.

This annual event is an authentic and colourful festival involving all things French, bringing a warm streak of summer to the Australian winter. It includes vibrant live music and performances, informative conferences about the history and culture of France, masterclasses where patrons can learn about French food, wine and culture in an interactive intimate setting, a fabulous French market selling and sampling a sumptuous selection of French food and wine and showcasing French arts and crafts, an art exhibition featuring the best in local French artists, and much more.


Wish Paris is an online jewellery store which offers a personalised experience for its French curated pieces. You can explore a stunning collection of bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings that present endless possibilities for wearing them. The jewels can be layered, stacked or worn alone if they are signature pieces that are also great conversation starters. The jewels are handmade, designed to create emotion and desire. Adorned with numerous gemstones that signify special meaning, Wish Paris brings to life new styling choices.

Aurelie, the founder and creator of Wish Paris loves to explain how to mix and match new jewels with customers’ existing ones and explains how her jewellery also makes great gifts.

Friends of refugees

Friends of Refugees is an independent not-for-profit organisation which helps to create a positive future for people seeking asylum and refugees in Australia. It is volunteer-run and operates on the generosity of concerned and compassionate donors. Friends of Refugees has become a central source of first-line relief for people seeking asylum in Melbourne’s south-east. Their services include material aid, food aid, education support, job training and resettlement programs. Its office in Dandenong operates as a drop-in centre which provides a welcoming and safe environment for people in need.

Cléma Risk Solutions

Founded in 2007 with offices in Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong, Cléma Risk Solutions (formerly Orix Insurance) is an online insurance intermediary focusing on small and medium-sized companies.

They aim to offer their clients tailor-made insurance solutions with the simplest online process, and bringing cross border solutions whenever needed. Cléma Risk Solutions delivers a unique brand of guaranteed security and exceptional service through a combination of state-of-the-art equipment and trained and friendly professionals, thereby offering customers peace of mind.


Cecile Bleskine is a creative entrepreneur who leads women on their journey to change, discovery and transformation under her banner, Blossaum. She is also a Self-Empowerment Coach, NLP Master, mBIT Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation and Breathwork Facilitator. With authentic compassion and empathy, Cecile brings an innovative, gentle and powerful approach to self-empowerment and fulfilment that is inspired by both modern and ancient practices. A blend of modalities has resulted in her ‘Inside Out’ approach.

John and Myriam Wylie Foundation

“We aim to make an impact, not a statement.”

The John and Myriam Wylie Foundation provides financial and non-financial support for worthy and well-run organisations in all walks of life, especially in education, youth and social inclusion, the indigenous community, sport and well-being, and selected community interests. It has, to date, supported over 100 organisations and causes, seeking to assist deserving organisations in meaningful ways over and above pure financial support.

Waverley Baseball Club

The Waverley Baseball Club is a leading baseball club in Melbourne, which welcome boys and girls, women and men from 4 to over 60 to play at Waverley. It is an all-inclusive club with a strong culture, core values and rich history.

The club operates all through the year, and boasts of superior playing facilities and a long tradition of coaching excellence. With its development-based philosophy in a family-friendly environment, it remains one of the best places for children to learn about and participate in playing baseball.

Dr Hayley D Quinn

Dr Hayley D Quinn is a clinical psychologist, supervisor and trainer, who believes that you can help others best if you help yourself first.

It is with this guiding notion that she offers other therapists and helping professionals her services through clinical supervision, and a Welcome to Self™Group which provides helping professionals with an opportunity to focus on themselves, for connection, reflection, compassion and self-care. Dr Hayley also offers training on topics relating to compassion and well-being, and shares her knowledge, experience and wisdom in speaking engagements.

forever sharp kitchen

Forever Sharp Kitchen is an online store offering high-quality knives, whisks, mandolines and kitchenware. They believe that the kitchen is an important element in transforming a house into your home. Cooking is an expression of love and making it an enjoyable experience through practical and functional kitchenware that lasts a lifetime, helps in creating the dream kitchen.

The company values developing exceptional products that can offer a lifetime of service at exceptional pricing, backed by the best lifetime guarantee in the market. It also aims to provide an enjoyable shopping experience as you browse through their products and make your selections.

Aniqa Zaman

Aniqa Zaman is a life strategist dedicated to helping clients make a change and achieve their goals through actionable steps.

Aniqa creates a safe, confidential environment for her clients to explore and express their thoughts and feelings openly, as they take charge of their life through the coaching journey. She encourages creating meaningful connections and building great relationships.

She tailors her coaching to her clients’ specific needs, and establishes the duration depending on their goals and the depth of the work which will be done together – 1 month for clients who know what they want, 3 months for clients who need help getting started, and 6 months for those who require long-term support.

Embrace Physiotherapy

Embrace Physiotherapy is a specialist women’s health and pelvic floor clinic in Singapore which caters exclusively to women from adolescence through the childbearing years, to menopause and beyond.

The clinic also offers pre and postnatal group exercise classes with a ‘pelvic floor safe’ focus for women at any stage of pregnancy and from 6 weeks postpartum.

Their motto “Embrace life. Embrace physiotherapy.” says it all as Preet, its founder and therapist director, is passionate about advocating for women’s health and brings awareness to the health challenges women face at all stages of life.

Clementine de Forton Gallery

Clementine de Forton Gallery is an online contemporary art gallery featuring photography and paintings by selected artists who are well-established and mainly from Europe. All these artists share a common purpose – to push the boundaries of photographic and artistic expression. The gallery focuses mainly on photography collections.

Clémentine believes that it is often one small detail that gives a piece its overall meaning. As a curator, she likes to walk side by side with artists and collectors to find this point of convergence, where joy and enhancement merge. It is her vision to help people create their personal universe of art, one that is both intimate and convivial.

DM Group Services

DM Group Services is a leading marine company in Singapore that offers a broad range of marine services that support maritime companies visiting or located in Singapore and South East Asia. Their services encompass underwater and at-height inspection, repair and maintenance, shipping logistics and industrial training services for clients in shipping and shipyards, oil and gas, construction, renewable energy, petrochemicals and public sectors.

DM Group Services is the dynamic umbrella organization that encompasses the expertise of three companies: Dive Marine Services, DM NDT and DM Sea Logistics. Their extensive capabilities are driven by a deep understanding of the industries they support and a respect for the importance of efficiency, safety and quality in all their projects.


Ergapolis is a consultancy agency in Singapore specialized in sustainable development. Founded by Estelle Forget in 2018, the company works with academic institutions, organizations and governments or local authorities, and focuses on fostering public-private partnerships to develop joint projects.

Ergapolis helps create a long-term vision and define an integrated strategy for urban planning and smart city. It contributes to international summits such as the Paris Climate Conference, raise funds and mobilises companies to address the challenge of climate change, and also facilitates the mediation between Intercompany, Government and NGO regarding sustainable relationships, transactions and innovating projects to help produce sustainable palm oil.

Lorissa Garcia

Lorissa Garcia is a qualified coach and certified organisational coach. She specialises as a coach and facilitator in the space of leadership and culture, partnering with leaders, organisations and HR practitioners, provoking thought and action for small shifts that make a big difference.

Lorissa works with leaders to help them with their leadership voice, with teams uncover the mindset, tools and skills to become more effective as an individual, and a collective, and helps organisations unpack and unlock the culture that exists, and the culture that persists.


B1G1 began in 2007 with an idea – “What would happen if we all gave back just by doing the things we do every day?”

This initiative was originally called ‘Buy1Give1’, and backed by the notion that organizations would make a giving impact with each designated business transaction. Today, B1G1 has more than 2,600 businesses from around the world — each making significant impacts every day. The B1G1 approach concentrates on building habitual giving while establishing a deeper sense of meaning in everyday business activities. B1G1’s members generally consist of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) worldwide.

IPHub Asia

IPHub Asia is an Intellectual Property practice based in Singapore, specialising in trademark registration in Asia. IPHub Asia coordinates IP requests in different countries and provides a seamless experience. Their clients have one point of contact who is assigned to them specifically to save their time and make the management of their IP portfolio easy at a competitive cost. The platform developed by IPHub Asia is designed to maximize time effectiveness and ensure a smooth communication process.

The company leverages its global insights and local knowledge to meet clients’ business objectives throughout Asia with a strong focus on South-East Asia, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar.

Manale Ganiere

Manale Ganiere is a yogi who shares her teaching to guide, inspire and empower her clients. She helps them find their flow on the mat and bring it off the mat as a mindset for life. Manale conducts empowering yoga sessions, one-to-one or corporate group classes, for strengthening the mind and opening the heart, or addressing key areas where clients are stuck, physically or emotionally.


Tiger & Hare by Amanda Chia is a baby clothing, homeware and fashion accessories label specialising in fun, whimsical designs. They feature original illustrations and patterns that play on colour and texture, aiming to bring a little playfulness into your world.

Tiger & Hare lovingly crafts limited edition, hand-printed and digitally printed surface designs using toxic-free water-based inks. The designs are inspired by travel, nature, art, photography, and animals, especially Amanda’s cat, and are distinctive of her style, and a recurrent theme in all her products.

Simone Irani

Simone wants women to feel confident and most importantly, have fun in her creations. Her stylish clothes are a statement of who you are – a vibrant and free-spirited woman. In her words, “I understand the demands of multi-tasking women in modern-day life, who still want to look and feel their best.”

“I want to celebrate the individuality in you. I want to open a door in your closet you never knew existed.” This underscores the Simone Irani women’s wear label that specializes in unique and chic resort wear. Whether its’ dresses, tops, skirts, pants, kaftans, kimonos, jumpsuits or accessories you’re looking for, the Simone Irani collection has everything you need to make you look and feel your best! A great mix of beautiful designs and creations can be found in Simone’s flagship store in Singapore or her online store.

Michelle Kiernan Civil Celebrant

Michelle Kiernan is a popular and authorised civil celebrant in Melbourne conducting wedding ceremonies and conducting funerals. As part of her role as a professional celebrant, she listens and understands the needs of her clients, presenting couples and families with fresh ideas and options for personalising ceremonies. Whether she is officiating a wedding or funeral, she engages with her audience and speaks from the heart with warmth and sincerity.

Michelle effortlessly captures a couple’s style and ceremony intentions, making it a fuss-free, relaxed and enjoyable process from start to finish.

Sir Manasseh Meyer International School (SMMIS)

Sir Manasseh Meyer International School is a leading International School in Singapore, providing education for children of 18 months to 16 years of age. It is a not for profit, child-centred institution offering a rigorous International Education, imbued with the vibrancy of Jewish values, tradition and culture.

SMMIS has a strong ethical foundation and engenders a commitment to social action. Children are encouraged to see themselves as global citizens, with charity and volunteering a strong aspect of school life. It has an intentionally created small and nurturing school environment, with outstanding facilities at an affordable price.


Quicktext is a lead-acquisition and conversion solution for the hotel industry. It offers services based on AI and big data such as NLU, AI-powered chatbot, web content generation, retargeting tools and customer care solutions.

Quicktext helps hotels build a relationship with their customers. Their proprietary Natural Language Processing algorithm Velma, an AI-powered chatbot for hotels, covers in-depth 200+ hotel-related topics. She runs in 24 languages on Live Chat, WhatsApp, WeChat, Google Messenger and Facebook Messenger.

GSA Hospitality

GSA Hospitality is an Australian and New Zealand sales and marketing representation company for international luxury and Independent hotels as well as tourism organisations targeting Australian and New Zealand businesses. With a focus on sales and brand awareness, they aim to drive and deliver a successful acquisition, retention and development customer plan covering all segments and markets, to achieve profitable results for their stakeholders and clients.

GSA Hospitality also offers advisory services towards performance optimization, brand awareness and marketing communication, and training and hospitality education.

Studio Emoi

Studio Emoi is a customized jewellery brand based in Singapore, offering meaningful and unique pieces that seek to empower women and reflect their personality and style. They specialize in unique French designs for permanent, name and personalized necklaces, rings, earrings and their signature bracelet, that are both chic and deeply symbolic.

Studio Emoi creates elegant designs in 14-carat gold-filled and Argentium Silver 935, for daily use. Purity of design and attention to detail remain steadfast hallmarks of the brand, whose genesis story is – “create statement jewellery that guides you, like a talisman, which will never leave you.”

Laura, the founder of Studio Emoi, is passionate about designing jewellery that personalizes emotions and creating mantra pieces that reaffirm and celebrate every woman that wears them.

Get OrganiSed & Beyond

Get Organised & Beyond is a business venture that provides organising and decluttering services in Singapore. Founded by Nathalie Ricaud, a professional organiser, it believes in restoring order and serenity in your home.

Nathalie helps you declutter and establish systems to help you maintain an organised and peaceful home. She assists you in this transformation through a bespoke approach. She offers hands-on assistance in kickstarting the organising journey, provides online consultation to help develop a customised plan, online coaching through advice and support in case you wish to declutter your spaces yourself, and offers a 1:1 management coaching programme which sets the foundations for regaining control over your schedules and living the life you aspire to and deserve to live.

The Alchemy Collective

The Alchemy Collective is a boutique strategy and consulting agency that empowers leaders to be, think and do things differently. They spend time understanding their clients’ strategic goals and their business and leaders to ensure that they build and embed solutions which solve the challenge or maximise the opportunity.

The Alchemy Collective works globally with accomplished and accredited consultants who have experience in culture, leadership and change and transformation.

Australian Colon Health

Australian Colon Health is the leading colonic clinic in Melbourne and the only clinic in Australia with 3 closed system treatment rooms. All therapists are fully qualified, with international certification and insurance. They offer a range of services including colon hydrotherapy, endermologie, manual lymphatic drainage, massage and sports massage, and infrared sauna. Australian Colon Health also offers training in Foundation Level Colon Hydrotherapy for a total duration of 150 hours.


Sustainable fashion is more important today than ever before, and dressing mindfully is a conscious lifestyle choice that many people are leaning toward. ZERRIN helps make this choice less complicated and confusing by curating vetted sustainable brands on a platform dedicated to sustainable fashion, green beauty and ethical business.

This multi-label online store helps you discover emerging brands that respect people and the planet. Their online store offers a meaningful and mindful shopping experience with sustainable brands that suit you and your values.


Expatmedicare is an international health insurance comparator for expats worldwide. They advise expatriates on their international health insurance, and help them find the solution that fits them and their family best.

They evaluate their clients’ needs and concerns, research the market for the most suitable and cost-effective products and provide an apple to apple comparison. They also explain premium and benefits, provide recommendations and advice, assist with applications and claims, and settle any disputes between their clients and any insurer they may have recommended. They can be counted on for independent and impartial advice and their assistance in the decision-making process.

Your Vitality Store

Your Vitality Store offers a selection of natural supplements made in France to improve health and wellness, boost immunity, increase vitality and encourage better sleep. This speciality store also caters to specific conditions, for instance, special supplements designed using the microgranule technology to ensure the health of your digestive system, heart health, for children, sportspersons and more.

You can choose from a variety of healthy foods, including breads, pastas, baking mixes, grains, spices etc. Each product is made with health and balance in mind.

Molly Barker

Molly Barker is an Australian online designer dog boutique that offers a specially curated collection of dog accessories to enhance the style and comfort of every dog while maintaining the highest level of functionality and quality.

Crafted in Australia by talented local artisans using premium materials, Molly Barker epitomises the contemporary, minimalistic style of today, producing a bespoke range of collars, leads, toys, beds and grooming products.

Regency Group Inc.

Regency Group Inc. focuses on crafting unforgettable journeys that reflect the interests and passions of its discerning clients since its establishment in 1988. The company holds in high regard its personalized service, a love for perfection, endless caring, exhaustive knowledge and an extensive global network with luxury partners that enable them to design unique and exclusive travel experiences, which sustain and satisfy the highest expectations. Their Japanese heritage enables them to provide travelers with valuable insight into Japan’s cultural identity, its traditional core, its natural bounties and its gourmet inspirations. Also, their insider access ensures that tourism extends beyond the obvious, and off the beaten path.

The Regency Group believes in sharing its extensive luxury travel global network to ensure a smooth, flawlessly executed and truly enjoyable journey for either business or leisure, within and outside Japan.

Bake With Enkhtur

‘Homemade, Handmade and Heart-made.’

Bake With Enkhtur is a cooking studio that presents cakes and cake figurines by its founder, Enkhtur Maini. She bakes and decorates customised birthday cakes and also conducts cake decorating workshops and tutorials, and teaches sugar paste modelling.

Enkhtur has also authored Adorable Cake Figurines, which deconstructs pastry decorating and provides easy step-by-step instruction for creating popular animal figurines. Divided into 10 It is especially suited to families who wish to try these with their little ones.

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