Digital Marketing Coaching

The digital marketing environment is constantly evolving and changing. It’s impossible to be an expert at everything and keep on top of new innovations and opportunities.

With our Digital Marketing Coaching, you don’t have to do it on your own.

Let us be there as you navigate the digital marketing landscape and find ways to make technology work for you.

Let us help you identify the challenges you’re facing and find solutions that are the best fit for you and your business. 

Let us be there to support you as you take simple, sustainable steps and stay consistently on track to achieve your business goals.

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Digital marketing is a combination of strategy, planning and consistency

Too often we see business owners replicating what others do online and hoping for the same results.

With Digital Marketing Coaching we pinpoint exactly where your challenges lie and identify practical and personalised solutions to move you forward.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution; we meet you where you are at, right now, and put you on the path to where you need to go.

Our Digital Marketing Coaching is directed by you and your unique needs. Together we can tackle:

  • Your strategy— and the importance of having one
  • Your website— pain points, challenges, things you want to add, change or simply don’t understand
  • Content and planning ahead— the types of blog posts your audience is looking for and how to consistently create great content
  • Social media planning and management— what to share, with whom, and which platforms are the most suitable for you and your audience
  • SEO— what’s required at the very start and as an ongoing process to help people find you
  • Technology confidence— helping you become more tech-savvy and find the right balance for the conscious and intentional use of technology in your day-to-day
  • Software, systems and processes— understanding the right digital tools to streamline your business and make your (business) life easier, more organized and less time consuming
  • Best digital practices— finding out what works and what doesn’t, but mostly, what works for you.

What to expect in the digital marketing coaching sessions

What’s included

  • A 15-minute discovery session to make sure we’re a perfect fit
  • A briefing questionnaire to pull out all your knowledge and insight
  • Research and preparation — we take a look at your website or main social media platform to help us understand you, your brand and your business
  • 1-hour, 1:1 live sessions with a digital marketing expert to talk through your questions, challenges and roadblocks and find practical and sustainable solutions for you to implement on your own
  • A follow-up email summarizing hands-on tips and practical steps to put what we’ve discussed into action

What’s not included

This is not a done-for-you offer. Digital marketing coaching is designed to empower you with the knowledge, tools and confidence to take control of your online presence.

Digital marketing coaching is best suited to: 

  • people who are new to digital marketing and want to understand the online ecosystem 
  • business owners who are willing to shift their mindset, learn, and become independent online

If you need more help creating a digital marketing strategy or want intensive, hands-on support to implement marketing tactics, you can view our other services here or book a free 15-minute discovery call to chat about how we can help.

Ready to get a Digital Marketing Coach on your team?


$ 800 for 2 x 1-hour sessions

- perfect for covering the basics and getting you started
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Something specific

$ 1875 for 5 x 1-hour sessions

- to delve into a specific aspect of your online presence in a more intensive and focussed way.
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Getting things done

$ 3500 for 10 x 1-hour sessions

- to help you build your understanding and expertise and create momentum for your digital marketing over a longer period of time.
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Not sure how many sessions you’ll need?

We start every coaching journey with a free 15-minute discovery call to make sure we’re a great fit and determine exactly how we can help.

As a team of creative designers, thinkers, website developers, content writers, SEO & analytics enthusiasts, changemakers, dreamers and disrupters, we are passionate about enabling the digital transformation of businesses of all sizes, across all industries and locations. We guide our clients in understanding technology and the digital landscape through friendly words as we become an extension of their team.

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