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Welcome to the Friendly Digital Podcast, where we talk about what it means to go digital. We connect online, we discuss how we can use digital tools consciously and how we demystify digital marketing. We share our own experience of the digital landscape and the way we shifted – or can shift our mindset.
Hosting this podcast is Marie Nadal Sharma, Founder of Them You & Me, a digital marketing agency speaking friendly digital.

Let’s talk with Life Strategist Aniqa Zaman Aniqa Zaman is a life strategist and a dear friend of mine. When I first met her, I asked “What does a life strategist do?” A life strategist is someone who believes in you, encourages you, holds you accountable to a bigger vision and doesn’t buy into the fears and limiting beliefs you have of yourself. It is having someone at your side to make things happen, both professionally and personally. Since then, Aniqa has been at my side to listen and give me guidance to navigate my life as a business owner. We have been bouncing ideas back and forth to each other since, sharing inspirational quotes (we tend to like the same ones), talking about stationery and notebooks and she has always been here to help me set boundaries and understand the real notion of “me” time. More at www.aniqazaman.com

Let’s talk yoga

Manale Ganiere joins me all the way from Poland. From Switzerland to Singapore and now in Poland, Manale is a former lawyer turned yoga teacher. She has stayed connected with friends and family thanks to technology and has also adopted it to share her journey on and off the mat and what it means to really switch and change direction. Manale empowers people to take their own journey and embrace their perfectly imperfect self.

More at www.manaleganiere.com

Let’s talk food

I met Valerie, an integrative nutrition, health, and wellness coach, as well as a chef at home, in Singapore. She inspired me to change, follow her path and look at things in the kitchen differently. She is full of life-changing tips and recipes. She has trying to get me to buy her favorite ally Thermomix and I am a huge fan of her concept of simplifying meals.

More at www.purevitalitync.com

Get to know Marie Born in the south of France, the first trip to New York City, studying in Italy, meeting her husband in India, living in Singapore, and now in Melbourne, Marie is a globetrotter at heart, passionate about people, earrings, the color yellow & much more. She aspires to be a kind leader and make a difference.
Why friendly digital Marie explains how she was introduced to technology, and how important it has been in her personal and professional life. She believes that when used consciously, technology can change the world around us for the better and help us stay connected to the people we have met around the world. Friendly Digital is at the core of everything Marie does, offline, and online with her digital marketing agency, Them You & Me


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